Depression is usually the lowest point of a person's life. During that period, it is next to impossible for the person to adequately perform the daily tasks and chores. One tends to feel lethargic and lazy with the feelings of worthlessness, helplessness and vulnerability and clouding them. However, it is not necessary that everyone suffers the same kind of depression. Instead, it comes in all shapes and sizes. The following are the different kinds of despair that have been observed in mankind.

Major depression: This depression is the most easily identifiable one. While suffering from it, one may lose the ability to enjoy life and experience pleasure. When left unattended, it may plague a person for up to six months. Its symptoms may fluctuate from mild to moderate and severe. In addition to that, it has a recurring property. That is, if a person has gone through it before then his chances of falling prey to it again are pretty high.

Dysthymia: A lower or mild version of depression, it is the most widespread. Mostly during this kind of depression, you may only feel bouts of low mood with good one in between. Its symptoms are not as strong as the ones of Major depression; however, they think longer than that. The time period could stretch up to two years. Long period can take a heavy toll on your behavior and one is likely to think that “that is the way I am”. It makes it really difficult for its patients to remember good or happy times they had and they perceive life as a long sad journey.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): As per its name, this type of depression is related to seasons. Some people get depressed when they see a rather dark or cloudy season. It usually affects the younger people and mainly from North. That is because the area is more prone to stormy and rainy weather which sometimes, triggers Seasonal Affective Disorder in the ones living there. Battling depression of this is possible by use of artificial lights which is known as Light therapy.

Bipolar Disorder: Also known as Maniac depression, this is a two-faced depression. In this, a person experiences the extreme kinds of moods. There is an alternate cycle of maniac episodes which includes hyperactivity, rapid speech, and impulsive behavior with little or no sleep. On the other hand, the mood may quickly switch over to the depressed mode. This depression has the same symptoms as Major depression. The treatment for this disorder is very different. Also, use of anti-depressants drugs can make it even worse.

One may be suffering from any one type or combination of the low feelings mentioned above. For battling depression, a complete set of information about it is essential for proper and quick treatment.