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How to Change Your Sad Life and Find Happiness

Most people have sad life biographies. At a certain point their psychological problems become unbearable. If you are one of them, you should learn how to translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation and find the free psychotherapy of the unconscious mind in your dreams.

When you know the meaning of the dream language thanks to Carl Jung's discoveries and thanks to my discoveries after continuing his research, you discover how to transform your personality, how to change your sad life and find happiness, and a lot more.

Dreams are extremely important, even though they were distorted by many impostors. The fact that most people believe that dreams are images produced by chance makes you believe that dream translation is not something you should spend your time with. However, this impression is the result of numerous distortions.

When you'll learn the right method of dream interpretation you'll find the wise unconscious messages in all dreams. This is an extraordinary alternative that will definitively change your life.

The unconscious mind is your natural doctor and your spiritual guide. You'll begin a new life after purifying your spirit. This means that you'll eliminate all mistakes and sins from your psyche, and learn how to be perfect.

Even if you had a tragic child and addiction, and even if your life was marked by many painful situations, you will transform your personality and eliminate what is bad from your brain and psyche if you'll follow the unconscious guidance.

The unconscious mind shows you that everything that is negative inside all human beings comes from our wild side (anti-conscience). The anti-conscience is our primitive conscience, which did not evolve like our human conscience but is still active inside us.

This means that the unconscious mind helps you understand that your anti-conscience is responsible for everything that is bad in your personality, and that everyone's anti-conscience is responsible for everything that is bad in their personalities.

You'll discover that you are a big victim of your wild conscience, and a big victim of the crazy world. Therefore, you'll forgive all your sins and everyone's sins. You'll learn how to become a wise person and never make ridiculous mistakes. You'll be a serious, mature, and careful person.

At the same time, you'll always be in a good mood because you'll feel protected by the unconscious wisdom and by your own wisdom when you'll transform your personality through dream therapy. Your self-confidence will help you solve all problems without feeling weak.

You'll also learn how to deal with the wickedness of the world, and how to help the world find peace.

Through dream therapy you become a superior person. You change your personality and your life at the same time. Thus, you are able to find authentic happiness.

The unconscious mind gives you numerous lessons and explanations in dreams. It depends on you if you'll ignore the unconscious messages and insure on making the same mistakes, or if you'll be a good student and patient and put the unconscious lessons into practice.

Your attitude tracks your destiny. Or better saying, depending on your attitude, you will follow the good or the bad destination prepared for you, which is based on your psychological type.

Your life is always related to your necessity to find completion and develop all your psychological functions instead of being one-sided like your psychological type, which predetermines your reactions. Your destiny will be bad if you'll simply repeat the mistakes that are common to the human race because you'll be a slave of your psychological type. Your destiny will be good if you'll be intelligent and sensitive, and you'll do only what will help you evolve.

If you'll be a good student and patient, you will manage to evolve and have a meaningful life, independently of how sad your life was before the dream therapy.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is a perfect doctor and a perfect spiritual guide because it is God's mind. This means that you can be sure that the unconscious mind knows how to help you find sound mental health, peace, and happiness in life, even if you have serious problems. Your transformation and the transformation of your life depend only on your attitude as a student and patient after translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation, which accurately transmits the unconscious messages.

Now that I managed to simplify Carl Jung's complicated method of dream interpretation, understanding the dream language is not the big problem it used to be in the past. Now the only problem you have to deal with is your own attitude after understanding the unconscious guidance.

If you'll be stubborn or indifferent, nothing will change in your life even if you'll translate the meaning of your dreams according to the right method. Only if you'll accept your correct behavior and become a better person after understanding the unconscious guidance, will you manage to transform your sad life into a meaningful one.

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Go From SAD to Glad Using Light Therapy for Depression

Medication, in singles and in combinations, have been known to treat severe depression cases. However, for temporary types of depression (like the seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD), research had shown that light therapy is an effective first-line treatment, whatever is the severity of the illness. More than 60% of the treated patients respond to light therapy treatment, using a light box that approximates the natural outdoor lights, minus the unsafe UV or ultraviolet rays.

The treatment had been found to be ideal to patients who tend to get depressed in the shorter days of autumn and winter. Also, the treatment tends to work better than antidepressant drugs and placebos. Moreover, more brightness seems to have greater results. Finally, the therapy proved more effective when administrated early in the morning rather than late in the day, and is done for fifteen (15) to thirty (30) minutes a day for seven to ten days.

Healing depression with light therapy

Traditionally, treating seasonal affective disorder (SAD) has standard medical options that include psychotherapy, anti-depressant medication and light therapy. In the treatment sessions, bright lights (usually at 10,000 lux illumination) from light boxes are administered to the patient.

These light boxes consist of rows of fluorescent bulbs with a reflective backing to maximize the production of light. Usually, they include a Plexiglas cover to filter the ultraviolet rays away from the patient. In turn, patients are advised not to look directly into the light to avoid damaging the retina. (People with retinal diseases, diabetes or taking supplements like melatonin or medications like lithium can have greater risks.)

Light therapy as alternative to other medications

This new procedure had been known to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) for over twenty years now. Traditionally, it is included in the treatment for SAD that also includes such standard medical options as psychotherapy and antidepressant medications. In the process, bright lights that approximate natural outdoor light had been in use to treat this seasonal illness.

Antidepressants, however, are not ideal for everyone because of known side effects like insomnia, nausea, and decrease in libido, among others. In people who are intolerable, they sometimes cause some manic episodes. Taking these medications need the approval of a health professional. Psychotherapy for seasonal depression takes the form of short-term cognitive behavioral therapy. This is where patients are taught to change their negative thoughts and to get involved in enjoyable activities again.

After 20 research studies at University of North Carolina, medical experts noted that treatment using lights ÖÖ is an effective treatment not only for SAD but other types of depression as well.î In the studies, participants (from 18 to 65 years old) diagnosed with mood disorders were subjected to different levels of lights for SAD and a combination of bright lights and anti-depressants for non-SAD patients. The results for this form of treatment are asas strong and strikingî as those using medication treatments for depression. According to study leader Dr. Robert Golden, they have found that medications using ÖÖlight therapy is an effective treatment not only for SAD but for other types of depression as well.

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How To Fight Depression and Win!

It all has to do with what state you are in. Depression is a big word. I feel that while one needs to seek help and be aware when they feel somewhat negative and depressed. I feel when one says that they suffer from depression, they are further compounding the problem.

Bob Proctor from the secret shared with me a great line. It is this. “For me to be free, I have to be me, not who my wife wants me to be, but me, not who my kids want me to be but me, not who my friends want me to be but me. to be free, I have to be me! ” This leads me to my next question. Who do you want to be? Deciding that you will leave no stone unturned to become the person you want to be straight away kicks negativity and depression out of your life ..

This is the only way to be happy. To live life on your terms, to go after what you want. When you are living your life on purpose, things happen. “When you set yourself on fire, people will queue to watch you burn”. The world is crying out for leaders (crying out for people who will actually do what their heart is crying out for them to do). So, all I am asking in this article is for you to go barefaced for what you want. Going after what you want in life has so many advantages. Firstly you will be energized, you will be far more focused and the journey will keep you young and fresh. On the contrary when you are doing things you have no interest in, you feel useless, you feel that instead of investing your time, you are waiting your time and also you age quicker. The biggest drawback however is this.

When one is totally disinterested in what one is doing in life, your mind naturally turns towards other things and predominately, the thoughts it turns to are negative. Why? Because the self-image currently in your mind is one of lack, one that you know that you are not doing enough. Happiness comes from growth. When one feels one is progressing, one is happy but growth is the key. We as people are always changing in life. This is a fact. Change is the only thing that is constant. What you must decide is whether you want to grow or pass away. The decision is yours but if you take the growth path, overcoming depression will be a speedy process.

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Coping With Depression In Someone You Care For

When you have a friend or spouse who is suffering from depression you will inevitably feel more than a little helpless. You want to do something that will point them in the right direction but how do you do that and what do you do?

You can not decide whether to try to push them to “make more of an effort” or need them or try to do things for them. You try to encourage and to cajole. You try to push and pull them back to “normal”. It is easy to transition into a situation of co-dependency, or for you to become their “mother”, their “nurse” or their “fixer”.

Depression is difficult for an outsider to understand. You look into another person's world and see how much they have or how good their life should be. Yet that person who is suffering from depression clearly does not see things in quite the same light.

And whatever you do in your efforts to assist has an impact upon the depressed person. You are in danger of making that person feel guilty or pressurized or backed into an ever-smaller corner. They may feel that they have been “taken over” by you are your actions.

However difficult it might be for you, it is sometimes best to take a step back and allow the depressed person to deal with their issues in their own way. The most important thing to ensure is that you do not sink into a state of co-dependency while you are feeding the other person's depression and prolonging their suffering. If you are a “fixer” or a “pleaser” this is exactly what you are most in danger of doing.

I remember a couple where the spouse believed that the depressed person could not choose her clothes in the morning, could not choose a meal, etc. Yet when a total outsider entered the equation and told the depressed person that they had to dress themselves and must choose a meal (and prepared the spouse from taking charge of these simple actions) she managed to do both quite easily.

In addition, she quickly got a whole lot better once she discovered that she was not as incapable and dependent as she had previously thought. I'm not saying that this method helps everyone with depression. It does however typify the co-dependency problem.

In reality you can be there to talk things through with when they are ready and try to suggest different appropriate methods of assistance. You can keep an eye on them so that you are as aware as you possibly can be of their state of mind and protect them in this manner from going over the edge, so to speak. There are different types of depression and different degrees of depression that a sufferer experiences.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads to over depression.

PS Discover how you can focus your mind with hypnosis. Grab a free hypnosis mp3 from my website now.

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A Natural Approach to Solving Depression

Depression is a condition that currently affects many Americans and if you are one of them you know how hard it can be just to get through the day sometimes. There are many great pharmacological solutions on the market, but they come with costy effects that can leave you feeling worse. There are also many natural approaches to controlling depression that have good results. It is amazing how solutions as simple as exercise, nutrition, and taking time for yourself can help with the oppressive symptoms of depression.

Exercise Your Way to Happier Feelings

Exercise actually releases chemicals in the brain that can change your mood. These chemicals are called endorphins and they have the ability to reduce pain, stress, and anxiety. They actually act in the same way that analgesic do in the brain.

You do not need to do strenuous exercise to reap the benefits of endorphins. In fact, a brisk walk, swim or a bike ride will do just as much good. You simply have to find a physical activity you enjoy and get moving.

Another great thing about endorphins is they are non-habit forming so you can find relief for depression without fear of dependence.

Nutrition that Will Improve Mood

Depression can make it hard to eat the right amount and kinds of food. Many people react to depression by eating either too much food or too little. However, your diet does matter when it comes to controlling the symptoms of depression. Simply put, food is fuel for the body and if it does not get the right fuel, then it will not work in an efficient manner.

Balance is the key when it comes to diet. You need to eat a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat. One fat that it is good to get more of is omega-3 fatty acids. A lack of omega-3 fatty acids has been shown to cause depression.

Another vitamin which you may not get enough of, but may help keep depression down is B-12. It may not decrease depression, but if you are low in B-12, then it could make the problem worse.

Meditate Your Way to a Better Perspective

When you are depressed either you have trouble calming your thoughts and you are anxious, or it looks as though your thoughts are running in slow motion. Meditation is a way to bring these thought patterns back to the center. It will allow you to work through thoughts and emotions causing feelings of depression. There are some thoughts and feelings you will be able to tackle on your own, and there are others for which it is best to see a professional therapist to help you. In either case you will be one step closer to understanding the root of the problem with meditation.

Make Sure you are Getting Enough Time to do What You Love

It may sound simple, but find something you love to do and set away a healthy amount of time to engage in that activity. First, it is important to take time for yourself. Secondly, a hobby you enjoy can have a similar effect to endorphins helping improve your mood. This is probably one of the most natural ways you can decrease depression.

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Is Depression Necessarily a Bad Thing? Reasons Why Depression Is the Best Defense Mechanism

When the word depression comes up, what do you think about? Most people are automatically going to say it is negative and it deteriorates the mind and body. But, if I said to you, depression is not a bad thing would you believe me? Have your opinion now and at the end of this you can make your judgments. The Mayo Clinic defines depression as: a medical illness that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Depression can cause physical symptoms, too. It affects what you do and feel. You may have trouble doing normal day-to-day activities, and depression may make you feel as if life is not worth living. Read the definition once more … OK, good. The definition clearly makes depression sound like a negative. But, it is not and I will prove to you why.

People became depressed for a variety of reasons, most attributed from the loss of somebody or something valuable. Other reasons range from personal losses in sporting events, extreme change and favorite sports teams losing. Some people, if you want to get extreme get depressed because its raining, the sky turned green, or their favorite food is no longer available at Mr. Chotches Food market. There are a wide range of reasons for this. Now read this over once more. Believe me I am getting somewhere, do not worry!

As one of my professors would say, “The human body is the most fascinating invention ever.” And the amazing thing is that every body is different, there is not one person that is the same as everyone else. Is it not human to feel a sense of sadness when going through one of those reasons mentioned in the paragraph above? Personally, I have felt depressed a number of times and it does do damage to the body at the time. I believe in the long run people can gain strength from losses, for the changes and for the wide range of little reasons that could possibly cause depression.

The problem is today's world is that we do not try to rectify problems the way they are supposedly to be. We resort to the lowest form and that is medication. In order to cure something of this nature we should identify the thing that caused it to happen in the first place. Sometimes when losing a loved one or when something dramatic happens in someone's life there is no cure for it. That is why the human body is so fascinating. The ability to grieve or feel a sense of vulnerability is a main facet in life. We need to experience these events to become stronger, and whether we ever become healed or not it is a part of life. I do not think we can be considered human if depression is never experienced.

So, have I diverted your opinion on depression being completely negative? If not, that is quite alright, but at least you are a little more educated on depression as a whole. If you have experienced depression and feel stronger because of it that is excellent. The reason we have these defense mechanisms in our body: crying when your sad, sweating when you workout, goosebumps when your cold or wrinkled. These all have positive results because it allows for a release of energy that can not be explained. It allows for us to cleanse ourselves and every body needs an emotional cleanse once in a while. And most of all, it proves that you have a heart and are human.

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Accepting Depression – It’s a Choice You Make, Not a Disease You Have to Live With

Depression is a habit we fall into the way way we hold our body, use our language and repeat our negative thoughts patterns. But I personally believe that it's a habit that can be broken just like any other habit.

Once you get stuck in that cycle of feeling sorry for yourself it becomes more of an automatic reaction to life than an open-minded response. We start to live sort of like robot. Our thoughts, feelings and actions become so automatic we do not even realize were doing it anymore.

Yes depression does come in different forms from mild to severe but I really believe that the way we get there is the same. It still has to do with what we do on a continuous basis.

That being said, I'd like to offer some solutions to this self-sabotaging habit. Solutions that will help you live an all-around better life.

First of all, you need to practice releasing negative thoughts the moment they come up. As soon as you encounter a negative situation your mind jumps right to all the negative thoughts that you've ever had and it makes the situation ten times worse.

So I want you to get into the habit of releasing them immediately so they do not become a broken record playing all day long in your head.

In order to remove these negative thought patterns you must change your state of mind. Which means you must change your body position drastically.

For instance, if you're sitting down and you start to replay negative memories in your head, stand up and go for a short walk. If you're standing up, then make a sudden move that takes your immediate focus to something else. You must break the automatic negative thought pattern by taking physical action.

Accepting depression means to accept the pattern you have created by doing the same things over and over again making them habitual. I'm sure you've heard the saying before but I'll say it again. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

That's why you must get yourself to take some form of different action when the old patterns show up. It may seem difficult at first but the more you do it the more it'll become habit to not allow yourself to wallow in self-pity or self-rejection by reliving old negative experiences.

Depression is created by performing things on a daily basis that make you feel mad, angry, frustrated or sad. The more you do it, the more it becomes an automatic response. So in order to break these bad habits you must actively perform positive actions to create new habits.

Start with something easy like changing your body position. If you start with trying to change your thoughts first you'll drive yourself even crazier. You'll be able to control your thinking when you get your negative habits more under control.

You do not have to accept depression, unless you want to. It's a choice just like choosing which route to take to work.

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The Downward Depression Spiral

So many folk are troubled by depressive disorders these days and studies show that three out of ten people will experience a depression in their life-time. You're really not alone. The truth is depression is often called the common cold of the psychiatric illnesses. We all feel down at times and 'ups and downs' are a part of everyday living. It is perfectly normal to feel down in the dumps when you experience a loss. Whether it is losing your employment, losing your spouse to separation or death, a loss of self-esteem through being rejected or any one of the many other life accidents which can cause us to feel down.

The Effects of Stress

Stress causes the chemicals in the brain, called serotonin, to get used up. The brain chemicals will naturally restore themselves to their healthy level however only if we have a certain amount of recovery time following a stressful event. At times there's no opportunity to recover, due to continuous stress. This is when the signs of depression will start showing. The feeling of having no worth, not being able to sleep or to eat, or eating or sleeping an excessive amount are very common warning signs. Uncharacteristic negative talking is also a typical warning sign and suggests that the brain is sick and the person needs treatment for depression.


Many people believe that their heart as well as other bodily organs can get ill and immediately get medical treatment for the ailment. However there's no such acceptance if the brain gets unwell with depression because of excessive stress. This is really logical because the brain is actually purely another organ of the body, and therefore, just like the heart, can also get ill. Many people find depression hard to accept. Nobody can wish away depression or 'pull themselves together' – they would if they could. The person requires medical help.


There have been such developments in anti-depressant medications for which we should be really thankful. Be compliant with your doctor and you will find an anti-depressant that helps you. The medicine simply gets the brain back to working normally again and you'll definitely find that you are your 'old self' once more within about three weeks.

Coping with Stress

The best way to stop this never-ending cycle of spiraling down into depression every time time you go through stress is to learn to alter the way your mind thinks! This is generally known as Cognitive Therapy or therapy of the thoughts. It is hard work but really worthwhile. You are able to have a life free from depression!

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A Recipe For Depression

Depressed? Here's a recipe for you. Sound familiar?


1 Cup of Avoidance

2 Cups of Worry

3 to 9 Hours of television (Video games or social media may be substituted)

1 Standard sized sofa (lounge chair may be replaced)

3 Unhealthy meals a day

3/4 Cup of Pessimism

A pinch of Cynicism (Social or Occupational Cynicism may both be used)

Sprinkle lightly with genetic pre-dispositions

Avoidance and worry are key ingredients that must be mixed carefully to avoid frothing. If you have trouble avoiding things and worried you may have to find a willing partner to help you stay away from uncomfortable topics.

Avoid discussing finances, sex and parenting and you can create a perfect formula for making yourself a little nuts over time. To complete this formula take whatever you have avoided and think about it incessantly. Share your worries with no one, ever.

After gently combining Avoidance and Worry, slowly add the couch and 3 to 9 hours of television.

Next, mix in the unhealthy eating, this may be done on the couch while watching TV to get the maximum effect.

Add the Pessimism and stir vigorously while adding the Cynicism. Sprinkle the top of the mix with any amount of genetic pre-dispositions you can find.

This dish can be served cold, baked, toasted, fried .

Most preferred baked, or being baked. Half baked is OK, too.

This dish is best served with a fine chianti and fava beans.

While this recipe provides sufficient for one serving , the recipe can easily be expanded to serve whole families and communities, sometimes Nations.


A steady diet of this recipe will lead to some risks. Sharp objects, guns, and other tools of self harm should not be in the same house where this recipe is prepared.

Please keep out of the hands of children .

Overdoses may be treated by a competent therapist.

Bon Appetit!

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Today Is A New Day – Anything Is Possible

You wake up; it's a new dawn, a new day, and yet somehow it does not feel much different than the day before. It's like today has yesterday written all over it.

Not only is it the same routine as the day before with perhaps a few variances here and there, but the feelings of yesterday may have also transported forward into this pristine day.

I t's tough sometimes not to get caught up in mindsets of “woe is me”, or worried, or feeling stressed, or stuck in the mundaneness or busyness of the prior day (s) and transfer those feelings into the next.

Echoes of yesterday (s) may not sound too exciting or inviting when you look to tomorrow.

So … how do you leave yesterday behind and start fresh today?

How do you break the negative thinking and feelings?

How do you look forward to each new day as if anything is possible?

You can start before you go to bed by setting your intention of what, or how, you would like things to be tomorrow and then putting them into action.

Either at night or in the morning take out a blank piece of paper and let your imagination soar and show you how your day could be.

Write about it, or jot down some inspirational word or draw or put pictures on your paper of what you can focus on. Look at it through the day and remind yourself of how you would like things to be and make steps towards making it so.

When you rise, you can ask God, (whatever you believe this to be) to lead the way today and to show you how you can be of the greatest service and to see the possibilities, not the problems at hand.

Become aware of when you are slipping into the pessimism and remember there is another option, enthusiasm. The more enthusiastic and resourceful you are, the likelihood for better outcomes increases.

Try different things during the day – a new way to work, listening to music or going for a walk to clear the cob-webs in your thinking, changing the way you do and view things, etc.

Be more conscious of “how” you are doing things through the day. Notice what your thoughts are and how you are handling what you want to accomplish.

Tackle one thing at a time the best you can rather than a whole lot of things done in a mediocre way.

Slow down and do not rush through your day; enjoy it as much as possible. Take a break now and then and re-group, re-organize, and re-new.

Be grateful for the day – the people in it, your job, your home, your car, your clothes, the food you eat, the money you have, the beauty surrounding you, and the fact that you have this day.

Be hopeful. If you do not like today as it is, see if there are ways you can change it. Take a look at your thoughts as they are usually a good indicator of why your day is continuing the way it is.

You have to catch those discouraging and downbeat thoughts as soon as you can and re-write them, literally or in your minds-eye.

It's good to allow your feelings to surface but then it's up to you how you are going to turn things around and become positive and pro-active again.

What are your options? How can you improve things?

The greatest gift you can receive from a new day is that you have one, even as bleak as it may seem some days.

Let yesterday be yesterday and tomorrow be tomorrow. Embrace today in every way you can.

Look to what's bothering about today and make use of it by inspiring you to be and do things in a better way.

Remember, today is a new day and anything is possible! It's up to you.

The Insight Technique assists you in not transferring yesterdays to today.

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How Do You Help Someone With Depression?

Falling into the dark world of depression can occur to anyone. There are a number of warning signs that start to indicate the tendency and in many cases actual condition that affects almost 1 in 10 individuals annually.

The good news is that this is not irreversible and through persistence and guidance there is great possibility to come out of this frustrating world of darkness.

But what exactly is Depression?

Many people do not realize what depression really is.If we where to define Depression, we would say that it is a reaction of the mind responding to adverse events in their life based primarily on instinct. No one actually decides that they want to fall into just happens as a result of circumstances surrounding the life of the vulnerable individual at what could be any given time in their life. The mind falls into depression on its own, dictating that the outside world is the problem and then can not deal with this burden. This state of mind is however what needs to be changed to reverse the outlook of the individual. It is an internal situation that brings the patient into a world of uncertainty and self-doubt which brings about a feeling of utter despair.

Depression occurs, when in a suspect a state, we come to believe that the outside elements in life are hopelessly, fixed into a permanent state so believing there's no way of changing things. This causes feelings of despair and hopelessness which in most cases go hand in hand with depression. The fact of the matter is, that although the patient may feel that the whole world is conspiring against them, in reality this is a very common condition ended by millions the world over every day.The suffer must realize that they are not unique and mos they are not alone.

So what happens when we spot the signs of depression which have been set catastrophically into place? The question that arises is how to deal with this condition effectively?

In the initial stages it would seem that any attempt to fight the situation is useless. In other words, nothing can change the hopeless situation and the overwhelming feelings of utter hopelessness. the individual will have the tendency to block out the rest of the world, even people that are close to them. So someone that is in the position to heal a sufferer should be prepared to face moments of rejection and maybe even hostility. This should not be taken as signs of hatred. They are only clear expressions of self defense targeted at the outside world whatever that happens to includes. So be patient and understanding.This can not be stressed enough. Keep in mind that the person in the depressed state is extremely vulnerable and of course scared.

Most instincts help us to survive however, this particular essentially actually hinders our ability to do so. This is due to another feature of depression. Depression tends to drain all of our energy. It is also important to be aware of this is so as to deal with depression accordingly.

With all this in mind you can take the first steps to a healthier mental state and reverse the currents of the mind. the individual in this state of mind will need all the support and hep they can get without feeling that they are patronized.

Healing Depression Be informed be aware

Oddly enough the medical profession fails to recognize that their traditional approach is confusing and complicated. Usually the information is unreliable, and forms what can only be called a hyped-up attempt to sell psychological medications in a fraudulent dollar industry. So medical science may not always be the best approach for dealing with depression.

In truth depression is a time for intense nurturing. Yes, it's time for the “patient” to start loving themselves and take a breath and to give thanks.

This Actually Reverses the Currents of the Mind

There are many ways of reverse the mind's current of depression. Loving and nurturing oneself is only one of the ways. The most important way, however, is the practice of gratitude.

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Is Depression Really a Marriage Breaker?

Is a diagnosis of depression in one spouse like a death sentence for your marriage? Many people believe that separation is inevitable when one of the partners succumbs to this malady, but that does not have to be the case. It may cause challenges, but if the bond between the couple is strong, then the union should be able to survive. Having a clear understanding of the disease as well as its manifestations and symptoms will help both partners cope. Although depression is one of the leading causes of divorce, there are ways that you can learn to live with and work through the problem.

Depression Is a Disease

Depression is very much a disease and needs to be treated as such. If your partner was stricken with cancer, would not you give them all the support you could? This is the same commitment you need to make to a spouse with depression. You may be facing a great deal of stress and anxiety, so you will need to be tough. But, take heart, in all but the most severe cases, depression can be controlled. It may take awhile to find the rights meds, but eventually things will improve a great deal allowing you both to return to normal. Separate should only be considered if your spouse becomes so seriously depressed that you fear he or she may harm the children.

There's no condemning that depression can sever the emotional connection between the partners. It can drive a wedge between you if you allow your spouse's anger and rejection to over you or to drive you to seeking comfort from someone else. If your mate has depression, you will need a lot of strength to maintain your marriage. A great deal of negativity is going to come into your relationship, and happiness is going to become a rare occurrence, at least for awhile. Not only that, but you are going to be expected to be strong and supportive, because that's what your spouse is going to need.

Trying to Place Blame Is Lethal for a Marriage

The urge to blame each other for the problems depression has caused within your marriage to be the single-most devastating emotion leading to divorce. Guilt is a natural human emotion, but it's debilitating in that it can make you feel ill-equipped to provide the support your spouse needs so much. In these instances, it's always best to find outside support for yourself be it from a family member, a college, or a professional marriage therapist. If you want to keep your marriage together through the hard times, it's almost impossible to do it by yourself. Accept healthy offers of support from those around you so that you, in turn, can be supportive to your spouse.

As an added note, I have suffered with depression for the last 30 years, and my husband has been extremely supportive. We have now been married 35 years.

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How to Pick Yourself Up When You Are Feeling Down

Having low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence can lead to self-destructive behaviors. Reversing these negative emotions and preventing self-destructive behavior can be a lot of hard work. In this article I will share ways to help you feel better when you are down, these negative emotions do not have to rule your life.

Identifying the source of your pain will allow you to have some objectivity to your situation. Low self-esteem is usually rooted from negative experiences early in life. In order for this to work you have to approach this challenge with positive thinking. Of course this is easier said than done but very cruel to alternative depression treatment.

Take care of yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically by eating right, exercising, and using self-development techniques. Be mindful of the things in your life you're grateful for, this is a very effective component of alternative depression treatment. These things do not have to take a huge chunk out of your day, but it will require effort on your part. The best thing to do would be to say a minimum amount of time each day to practicing these techniques. Remember to set realistic expectations when starting out, you have to take things a day at a time but you have to stick with it. It's taking some time and hard work to develop yourself, but very little time at all to ruin your hard work.

Verify facts before acting on assumptions or prematurely jumping to conclusions. Sometimes fear is the main cause of unsupported and unrealistic assumptions. If you have reason to believe someone in your life is behaving a certain way because of something you did, the best way to deal with the situation is a and be straightforward. Also try not to use phrases that are absolute such as “you never come on time” or “You always mess things up”. Absolute searches 'never' and 'always' can exaggerate seriousness of the situation. Causes your brain to label people as incapable individuals.

Make it a goal to free your mind negative thoughts, this is proven to be very effective technique in alternative depression treatment. Our actions are directly affected by our thoughts, the negative thoughts can not control you unless you allow them to. When you attach yourself to these thoughts it only feeds the power they have in your life. If you are someone you love is battling with depression do not be discouraged, there are ways to treat and manage depression.

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How To Overcome Depression

A lot of people engage in negative thinking either about other people or about themselves. A lot of people hold resentment for years – never letting go of the past. This certainly paints a picture of a person where his past is controlling his present. You must get past this …

What you must do to move forward in your life is to forgive

1) Yourself if you felt you did something bad in the past …
2) Another person for what they have done to you in the past …

You must not let a person, an incident or yourself get in the way of your future. You have a life to live … so live it!

You need to write down the reasons why you want to overcome depression. When the going gets tough, you need to become energized again by the reasons you wrote down. These are your lifeline. Another great technique is to make the reasons larger than you. Make it about somebody else. A person is far more likely to let themselves down rather than let someone else down.

Another great step to change your emotion is to first change your motion. Change how you move, how you talk, change how you act. All these motions provide certainty and clarity. Change how you move and you will change how you think. Put those shoulders back, walk with certainty and purpose, speak with clarity and watch your life change once more …

Finally I want to discuss something which is very important which is reaching out for help. Again it the reasons that keep you going. First come reasons, then come results. What are your reasons to do this ?. Reach out for help and reach out in a way that you want to change. Approach someone you admire and ask them for guidance. Once a mind has embroidered a new idea, it can never go back to its old ways. It is imperative that you seek out teachers and coaches who can help you.

They do not necessarily have to be professional. Why not talk to a person you respect first? There is so much power in your tongue (spoken word …). Words really do move mountains and what you will notice is that your words will become much more positive around positive people. As you speak, so shall you become …

Above all, you can overcome depression but as I have said, it all starts with a decision. Make that decision Today!

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What You Need to Know About Depression Treatment

Millions of people suffer from depression every year. Some people do not even realize that they are suffering from it until they have slipped so far into a slim that they do not know how to get themselves back out again. It typically does not go away on its own. In order for someone to return to a normal life, they will first need to seek out some professional depression treatment to get help for their illness.

A doctor will ask a patient many questions before establishing whether or not they think that the person's condition requires further treatment. The doctor will then be able to discuss all of the options that are available to the patient. When talking to the doctor about any symptoms, it is important to be upfront and honest about the way you feel. This condition can even cause physical pain. Someone who is depressed may sleep more frequently, feel very sad, isolate himself, and experience fluctuations in their appetite. It is important for someone to be strong enough to get help for their depression as soon as they start to notice the signs.

There are medications that are commonly prescribed for depression treatment. It is important for someone to realize that there are some herbal products that have been shown to enhance the mood as well. St. John's Wort is an herbal supplement that many people take on a daily basis to help regulate their mood. This has not been shown to be an effective treatment for someone who is moderately to severely depressed. There are no over the counter medications that are available for depression treatment.

There are many different prescription medications available, but it is important to realize that the first medication that someone tries may not be the one that properly beats their problem. In many cases, a trial and error approach is taken when it comes to finding the right one. It is important for the person to take their medicine exactly how it is prescribed and to be honest with their doctor about how it is making them feel.

Medication has been shown to be the most effective way to help those suffering from prolonged depression and dejection. Some studies have shown that a healthy diet that is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and having a regular exercise routine can also help with emotional instability. This can be hard for some individuals because the condition is causing them to be in so much pain. Regardless of how someone wants to treat their ailment, they need to talk to a doctor because the doctor may be able to inform them of other methods that may be more successful.

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