Here are three techniques that can each improve your thinking.

1. Singing: Have you ever found yourself singing along to a tune on the radio? The majority would say yes, but have you ever thought of joining a singing group?

Singing can be a highly liberating activity. Joining a singing group and learning new ways to sing can literally transport you out of your own head and into a whole new world. Try it. You could be happily surprised.

There's no room for other thoughts as a part of your mind is completely taken up with the melody and the words. Deep breathing is necessary too which helps nourish the mind and body. You will come away feeling as relaxed as if you've done a good work out.

2. Big views: Walking is essential for improving mental health. There is something about walking that releases tension and allows the mind to unwind a little.

Where you walk is important too. If possible, always head towards nature whether that be a park or into natural wide open spaces. The best place of all is somewhere with big skies and huge vistas. A view onto a mountain range is always naturally uplifting. You will find your mind unwind simply by looking at the view.

Once you are out of depression consider going on walking holidays to maintain your healthy state of mind.

3. A spotted scarf: In depression we need all the comfort we can find. The very best is a warm hug from friends or family but for some of us that just is not possible. The next best thing is a cuddly toy (if you do not have a pet) to hug to your chest. Hugging in one form or another is essential for wellbeing.

But what if we do not have any of these? Then you need the warmest, softest, most comfortable scarf you can find. A scarf that envelopes your neck with snugness. To add to the sense of comfort, spray your scarf with a scent that reminds you of something or someone you like. It could be a scent reminding you of the ocean breeze, or perhaps a warmer more floral scent. Find a scent that naturally relaxes you. Allow your scented scarf to wrap you up in wellbeing.

There you have it. Three simple techniques that are going to relax you so that you can provide space for your mind to begin consciously changing the thoughts to more positive ones.

This can only work when you are in a state of relaxation.