We all feel depressed once in a while, we feel down, we feel that nothing is going the way it should be. These feelings create doubts in our minds about or goals and the way we are trying to achieve them. This starts a chain reaction and our brain starts to make up excuses to convince us we are doing things the wrong way or we are trying to achieve too much in too little time. By the time we are done with the negative analysis we are ready to give up on our dreams and hopes. In fact many people actually give in to these negative thoughts and drop everything they are doing choosing to drop the towel instead of fighting.

This is why it is very important to plan ahead of time the steps and the route we want to follow towards a set goal. It is necessary to take a good look at all the roads available to get to where we want to. Analyze all the possibilities and chose the one that has the greater possibilities, less risk of failure and the most realistic. Time is not necessarily important, there are goals that can not be accomplished in a rush or cutting corners and we must be willing to spend the necessary time to get there.

Once we have a plan and know the steps we must take, and have the road map for the road we must travel; it is time to begin and keep going until we get there. Probably there will be road blocks and details we did not know exhausted or did not take into account when planning but they will be small things we can deal with and improvise ways to jump these hurdles. Each small step must be taken and seen as an achievement, a step closer. We must not look at the final goal to celebrate; we must look at each step as an accomplishment and continue with the next one. A trip starts with the first step and each one taken must be appreciated and celebrated. This attitude makes the journey easier and less stressing.

We are in command of our minds and brains and not vice versa. Life is good and it is to be enjoyed every day. Every flower, every gust of wind, a beautiful woman, a smile, they are all there for us to see, to enjoy, to give us hope of a better tomorrow. We are all capable of achieving whatever goals we set for ourselves, that is how we were designed. We are all mean to be great men and women, to reach our highest goals and dreams. We will always win if we take the right road to get there, it is impossible to reach New York from San Francisco if you take the road to Miami. This does not mean we will not make mistakes, sure we will, we are not perfect but if we want something bad enough we will go back to the starting gate over and over again until we finally reach New York.

Depression is just an excuse to hide and stop fighting for a better life, for a better world. Getting over it is just a matter of time; it is a matter of making your brain understand that you will not give up, that you know that you are great and that you are perfectly capable to do whatever you want to do. To get over depression you must be brave and constant, stand before the mirror, look at yourself, tell yourself you are smart and brave and you can do anything you want. Do it often, as much as possible and soon your body and mind will accept these facts.

Do not think about the things you want to do or be, do not dream about them. This does not work; it really makes you feel worst. Sit in a quiet place by yourself, think, plan, prepare and when you are ready to go out into the light and do it knowing in your heart and mind that you are invincible.