Depression comes when something is happening in your life which you do not want to happen or when something is not happening in your life which you do want to happen. Either way, things are not going as you want them to and, because of this, your reaction is depression. The internalized anger caused by the frustration over not achieving goals that were set too high is something of yours, which only you can deal with. Fertile ground for this is a field of aspirations and desires which have not been met.

Now you can see how much Depression is an illness of our times. We have come to expect almost anything we want to come to us just when we want it. We do not even need to go to the shops, we can order early in the day over the internet and what we want will be here tomorrow, or even today in some cases. Credit is available even if we do not have money. We now do not even wait for things to wear out or break; If a new one is available and especially if someone we know has the new one, we have to have it. Things come so easily that we attach no value to them and throw them away as worthless when they stop amusing us.

So why is this? Sure, there is an economic depression at the moment but we have an outlook which is formed by the optimism and class shifting of our recent history. Why do we want so much? Why do we want things we can not have? Because we have been told that we can have them. This has led us to expect and even demand whatever we want. Think of children who get several hundred pounds spent on them at Christmas and on their birthdays. Now imagine them as young adults, finding out the real value of money as they start out in married life.

If the harshness of reality is something they can not handle, they will not move from being children within their family. This can not work because they are no longer in their family, they are now married, in their own house with their spouse. They can not have as they did when they were at home. If they do, the marriage will not work and they will not understand. Life today for people today is very likely to bring depression.

Women feel their lives are lost and feel desperate. They go to their doctor and are given mind turning drugs that do nothing but make them think they do not feel bad. After ten, fifteen or twenty years, they realize they still have depression and have lost years of their lives lived as a zombie who was not them. This makes them more depressed.

Men have a hard time; they think they are supposedly to be strong. They rarely talk about this sort of thing and they go further and further into the badlands. They become insecure at work and paranoidal. This spills over into home life. They do things and buy things which seem stupid to anyone looking in from the outside – so they become secretive, which escalates their paranoia. This provides more armour plating against the idea of ​​treatment.

The answer is not clever drugs which do not and can not change the cause of Depression. The answer is to find where the thought patterns came from which are responsible for the incompatibility with life which gives Depression. These thought patterns were embedded in the younger years of life but still program the adult of today. However, if the adult of today can look back and see the invalidity of certain parts of their personality, they can recalibrate them and align with life today. This will lead to happiness, enjoyment and pleasure being obtained from living a life that now works.

This all sounds good but how do we do it? There are one or two illegal ways but one very good way which suits most people is Hypnotherapy. It is just the tool to unlock the past, reveal its secrets and hold them up in the daylight and fresh air. Here thay can be seen for what they are and changed where necessary. Depression can then be a thing of the past.