Why do you get out of bed? Normally, we have to go to work or, if retired, we have something that interests us we want to do. There are those who leap out of bed as though they've been shot from a cannon, because they can not wait to attack the day.

I thoroughly enjoy what I do, but that still does not stop me from being convinced that someone moved the floor the night before. Once found, and I'm in an upright position, things progress fairly well from there. The nearest I come to morning exercise is brushing my teeth, but once that's done, I'm more or less ready to start the day.

Although, as I say, I thoroughly enjoy what I do. The poor old depressed, though, feels that climbing out of bed is a pointless exercise. Indeed, severe depressives simply do not get out of bed, unless they're coaxed. They've dreamed too much, therefore not having the good, deep sleep they need, and so they feel like death warmed up.

They may still hold down a job and do their best, but without treatment, they're almost certainly become worse until either they're fired, or they feel they want to leave their own volition.

Do you feel depressed every day or just for some of the time? Again, without treatment, you soon will feel depressed all the time. But why? It's here where you must pay the closest attention to things that may be worried you.

You feel worried and uneasy. Why? Think very carefully what could be causing you distress. Our old friend imagination may rear his head here. Perhaps you've been worried about something thrown up by your imagination, that has not happened and is not likely to. What is it?

For some reason, you're afraid of being fired. Your imagination has suddenly put that into your head. Now think. What's the likelihood? You're a reasonably senior member of the firm, in years, anyway. They've just employed three new people and you know the firm is going from strength to strength. So why are you worried?

Occidentally, our imaginations kick up things that frighten the life out of us, but are absolute rubbish. But make sure you find the source of the worry, otherwise it'll keep eating away at you.

If you do feel depressed every day, then seek qualified help. The ideal person is a well qualified hypnotherapist. With great respect to doctors, stay away from them. They'll throw you a load of pills, probably antidepressants, and before you know it, you're hooked. Not only that, but they will not cure your condition.

The hypnotherapist, on the other hand, will put you in a trance state and dig down deeply as to why this depression is plaguing you in the first place.