Number of persons committing suicide is increasing day by day. As modern science and technology has shown tremendous advancement there are some negative aspects also developing concurrently. One such alarming aspect is juvenile suicides for flimsy reasons. Computer games like 'blue whale' are good examples of such concurrent evils Science and Technology have contributed for juvenile suicide.

This article is dealing with the subject of 'homicides associated with suicides' and we are discussing this important issue associated with suicides which, it seems no NGO is paying attention so far.

First let us see some cases of suicides which occurred in the recent past in Chennai and some district headquarters of Tamilnadu wherein some homicides are also simultaneously committed. Number of persons who died did not confine to only one, but the person who committed suicide made some others also die with them.

Case 1: In Chennai, a newly married lady doped herself in kerosene and burnt herself to death. While dying, she tightly embroidered her husband, who also died, Domestic quarrel was the reason.

Case 2: In Salem, a person hung himself and committed suicide in jail, because of infidelity of his wife. He committed suicide on seeing his wife having sex with another man, he first broke the head of his wife and using the same rod killed his three children too. Extreme anger and frustration are the reason for this dastardly crime.

Case 3: The third case is the most horrible one and Taken for discussion. An insolvent person came to the collector's office with his wife with the pretext of giving a petition to the collector. Several people were waiting in front of collector's office for giving their petitions. He asked his wife to wait there and then he bought his three children from school. En route he purchased 5 liters of kerosene (which is available at a cheap rate). On return to the collector's office the children rushed and hugged their mother affectionately without knowing the horror which was following. The upset father scattered entire kerosene on all of them, lighted a match stick and thread on them. Then he burnt himself when a crowd consisting of visitors to the collector's office were helplessly watching. They were silent spectators of this horrible crime.

An eye-witness of the crime wrote that it was a horrible sight to see the children cry, unable to bear the heat “One more person wrote” even during that time of torture, the elder girl tried to save her mother from death. In five minutes, they were reduced to simple ash, but the family head was admitted to the hospital with 60% burn injuries.

The most unfortunate thing was that the bystanders were simply observing the tragedy and some of them were so anxious to capture the incident live and were busy in operating the cell cameras. Some of them were seen telephoning their near and dear to convey that they were watching the horrible incident. Urgent messages were sent to TV crew who promptly rushed to the spot to telecast the tragedy live.

The head of the family who embraced this gruesome tragedy and who was admitted to the hospital was asked “Why did he burn the innocent children to death?” His reply was in fact a dying declaration wherein he declared, “After my death my family members will be orphans. There will not be anyone to take care of them. day-to-day living. My children would be begging in streets, a scene which I dare not imagine and that is why I killed all of them ”

Next day he also died.

The question is how could a civilized society be a silent spectator to the torturous death of his wife and the innocent children. Is it not their duty to eradicate any such misapprehension in the minds of the suicidal victims that there is no danger for children in the civilized society which will take care of orphaned children?

The life is full of challenges. The family head had lost the game. That does not mean that his children will not be able to fight and get success in the society.

This fact has to be impressed upon all the parents that the future is bright for all the children irrespective of the present position of parents.

Here comes the role of social service organizations, NGOs and also Government. Instead of counseling individually, they should give a holistic approach to the problem. Two suggestions are given below for the holistic approach.

The first one is for those who have already exposed having suicidal tendencies and under surveillance.

While counseling individually, at least his family members may be asked to attend counseling sessions at least once a week. By this act the family members, on one hand will be aware of the gloomy life of the family member and on the other, they will be prepared for any eventuality. It requires a lot of diplomacy on the part of the counseling staff to systematically inform the family members to take care of themselves and also to take care of the affected member.

The second aspect is more difficult that one has to give a holistic approach to the problem so that the entire society should be aware of suicidal and related issues. A model can be followed by learning the HIV / AIDS awareness camps. Not only HIV affected people are addressed, but also their dependents and general public are also attending the sessions. In several training schedules, only non HIV persons will participate. The fact is several social workers will be performing HIV / AIDS counseling for years without actually meeting an HIV affected person. Here, vulnerability is more important than those who are actually affected.

Suitable assistance may be taken from International social service organizations like LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL, ROTARY CLUBS etc. Educational Institutions may have a moral class every week to attend self confidence among students. LADIES 'CLUBS may be approached for holding special sessions. Another place where groups can function is Temple promises wherein thousands of pilgrims assemble. Since these lectures of self-confidence, awareness lectures can be given without reservation on the topic (unlike HIV lectures where the concern of audience, nature of concessions etc. are to be taken into consideration).

Like orphaned children in other cases, children of deceased people due to suicides may be given special treatment. The police force have to follow up lives of such children so that nobody would harass them. Enough publicity for these acts may be given in media so that people will live with confidence.It is a long drawn process and it may take decades to bring out the necessary result, but a beginning can be made now.
A person who dies by committing suicide or otherwise may die at least with confidence that their wards will be taken care of by the Government.

This is a need of the hour to stop the untimely death of several innocent lives.