Most people have sad life biographies. At a certain point their psychological problems become unbearable. If you are one of them, you should learn how to translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation and find the free psychotherapy of the unconscious mind in your dreams.

When you know the meaning of the dream language thanks to Carl Jung's discoveries and thanks to my discoveries after continuing his research, you discover how to transform your personality, how to change your sad life and find happiness, and a lot more.

Dreams are extremely important, even though they were distorted by many impostors. The fact that most people believe that dreams are images produced by chance makes you believe that dream translation is not something you should spend your time with. However, this impression is the result of numerous distortions.

When you'll learn the right method of dream interpretation you'll find the wise unconscious messages in all dreams. This is an extraordinary alternative that will definitively change your life.

The unconscious mind is your natural doctor and your spiritual guide. You'll begin a new life after purifying your spirit. This means that you'll eliminate all mistakes and sins from your psyche, and learn how to be perfect.

Even if you had a tragic child and addiction, and even if your life was marked by many painful situations, you will transform your personality and eliminate what is bad from your brain and psyche if you'll follow the unconscious guidance.

The unconscious mind shows you that everything that is negative inside all human beings comes from our wild side (anti-conscience). The anti-conscience is our primitive conscience, which did not evolve like our human conscience but is still active inside us.

This means that the unconscious mind helps you understand that your anti-conscience is responsible for everything that is bad in your personality, and that everyone's anti-conscience is responsible for everything that is bad in their personalities.

You'll discover that you are a big victim of your wild conscience, and a big victim of the crazy world. Therefore, you'll forgive all your sins and everyone's sins. You'll learn how to become a wise person and never make ridiculous mistakes. You'll be a serious, mature, and careful person.

At the same time, you'll always be in a good mood because you'll feel protected by the unconscious wisdom and by your own wisdom when you'll transform your personality through dream therapy. Your self-confidence will help you solve all problems without feeling weak.

You'll also learn how to deal with the wickedness of the world, and how to help the world find peace.

Through dream therapy you become a superior person. You change your personality and your life at the same time. Thus, you are able to find authentic happiness.

The unconscious mind gives you numerous lessons and explanations in dreams. It depends on you if you'll ignore the unconscious messages and insure on making the same mistakes, or if you'll be a good student and patient and put the unconscious lessons into practice.

Your attitude tracks your destiny. Or better saying, depending on your attitude, you will follow the good or the bad destination prepared for you, which is based on your psychological type.

Your life is always related to your necessity to find completion and develop all your psychological functions instead of being one-sided like your psychological type, which predetermines your reactions. Your destiny will be bad if you'll simply repeat the mistakes that are common to the human race because you'll be a slave of your psychological type. Your destiny will be good if you'll be intelligent and sensitive, and you'll do only what will help you evolve.

If you'll be a good student and patient, you will manage to evolve and have a meaningful life, independently of how sad your life was before the dream therapy.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is a perfect doctor and a perfect spiritual guide because it is God's mind. This means that you can be sure that the unconscious mind knows how to help you find sound mental health, peace, and happiness in life, even if you have serious problems. Your transformation and the transformation of your life depend only on your attitude as a student and patient after translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation, which accurately transmits the unconscious messages.

Now that I managed to simplify Carl Jung's complicated method of dream interpretation, understanding the dream language is not the big problem it used to be in the past. Now the only problem you have to deal with is your own attitude after understanding the unconscious guidance.

If you'll be stubborn or indifferent, nothing will change in your life even if you'll translate the meaning of your dreams according to the right method. Only if you'll accept your correct behavior and become a better person after understanding the unconscious guidance, will you manage to transform your sad life into a meaningful one.