Depression can be a debilitating illness that can destroy lives, sometimes without the person even realizing that they have it. The feeling of depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain: Sometimes well meaning people tell someone with depression to 'get over it'. This rarely helps .. Here are 8 proven ways to help you to feel good after depression. Different approaches work best for different people. Start by trying those methods that seem to be a fit for you!

It may help take your recovery slowly and understand that there is no need to pressure yourself into taking all of these steps at once. Start with one step each week, or how ever often you feel right for you, and regularly bring in another element to aid your recovery.

1: Keep people around you
Turn to the friends and family that you trust and share your troubles
Regain contact with old friends and make new friends
Socialise if you find that being with other people counteracts the depression
Spend your time with positive people who feed you positive emotions
Join a support group were you can talk to others with similar challenges and seek to boost each other up

2: Look after your body and mind
Eat a well-balanced diet
Do some exercise each day (it is as affective as anti-depressants)
Get enough sleep (about 8 hours each night)
Go outside into the sunshine
Practice relaxation techniques
Avoid stressful situations
Do something you enjoy even if you do not feel like it

3: Change your routine
Do an activity you have never tried and keep it up
Factor in some time for fun and pleasure each day
Get out and about rather than sitting at home

4: Give yourself a challenge every day
Make a list of tasks you need or want to do in your daily life. These can be anything from going to the shops to cleaning the car
Do a task each day and after congratulate yourself
From this you can gain confidence in your achievements
Over time you are likely to feel more capable

5: Take care of your physical appearance
You are more likely to feel more like going out if you are clean and dressed
Dress in clothes that make you feel confident
Invest in your appearance to show yourself that you care about yourself

6: Look back on past successes
Remind yourself where you have succeeded before
Remember your strengths and skills
This will help to build self-confidence and success for the future

7: Challenge negative thinking
When you have negative thoughts write them down
As yourself what triggered those thoughts
Think about another way / s to view the situation that is more balanced and optimistic

8: Give somebody a genuine compliment
This takes the focus off yourself and helps you realize that everyone has problems
Filling a person with self-confidence from your compliment can help make you feel better

These steps are here to help you to rebuild your life. If you do these you are likely to discover that you can feel good after depression and have a positive future.