Depression at school occurs by many causes at school but the main cause is because the student can not get along in school due to the following reasons: –

  • They get low grades
  • Some of their peers bully them
  • Some of their teachers do not like them
  • They are afraid of exams

The main source of depression for a student or for any person is from the inside as most students think that there should be something changed in their surroundings, ie: their peers or teacher or parents, and from the inside means that their own thoughts, feelings and emotions that turns into actions are the source of their depression not anything from their surroundings.

Depression feeling is accompanied by some other feelings like: –

  • Feeling lonely
  • Feeling unacceptable
  • Feeling less adaptable
  • Feeling superior
  • Refusing to accept standards short of perfection

These feelings can be the cause of depression or vice versa, ie: depression can be the source of these feelings, I'll discuss depression using a story of someone has depression “Dipsy” and someone who has no depression “Hipsy”.

Dipsy has deep fears to do many things in his life but he likes to challenge himself, he has fears when he listened to someone who is abusing someone else, he thinks “What if this person came to talk to me like this?”, He starts coming up with solutions for this assumption.

On the other hand, Hipsy's main focus is on his goals, he has a big vision for his life and he cares about building healthy relationships with others, he focus to talk in a polite way and he does not let anyone to exceed the limits with him when he feels bad towards someone who is communicating with him.

Dipsy thinks he is open minded and can accept any invitation from anyone to do anything, he has no boundaries to know anyone and he thinks he is totally right, he thinks “Why should I stop someone from knowing me ?, I like to know people “he does not notice when someone makes him dreams bad, he just ignores his feelings and continues the conversation anyways, he believes by doing so he is building a better relationship than anyone.

By looking on both students from a wider angle, Hipsy has better relationships than Dipsy, he is reaching his goals and many students consider him a good personality to know, Dipsy on the other hand has feelings at the end of each day of loneliness and he returns to his home to find that he could not talk about what he feels to his siblings or parents, he does not know he is depressed.

Hipsy returns home with a higher energy, he has his lunch and then prepare to go for a fitness class, he believes that having a healthy body can make him more successful, at the end of the school year he gets a higher grades than Dipsy.

Dipsy try to study hard but at the end of the school year he gets lower grades than Hipsy. Hipsy and Dipsy are not friends although they are in the same class.

Dipsy respect Hipsy and he is jealous about his strong personality, Hipsy have no problems to know Dipsy but the problem is that Dipsy fears approaching him because he did before and find no problems to do so.

Dipsy believes in being challenged that's why he is more attached to relationships that he thinks challenging for him, he can accept bad treatment from anyone moreover he is more attached to students who treat him in a bad way!

After reading this story from a wider angle, I will explain what should Dipsy do to have a better school life, Dipsy should: –

  • Not accept bad treatment from anyone by triggering how he feels when someone talks to him, when he feels bad as a reaction from a bad treatment, he should ask the one talking to him politely that he does not accept such treatment by saying “Please talk to me in a different way because I do not accept this treatment “, by doing so for several months he started feeling better about himself which made his depression levels decreases in him.
  • Dipsy should not be attached to students who make him feels bad, he should trigger when a student make him feels bad and avoid him. He should be attached to students who make him fees quite normal and who add value for his relationship with them.
  • Dipsy should not treat anyone badly, ie: he should not make anyone dreams bad by always trying to treat other students in a good manner.
  • Dipsy should get closer to students who does not exploit him, he should talk to other students who respect him.
  • Dipsy should focus on his life by planning his school year and dividing his plan into goals and writing them in a piece of paper.

By doing so, Dipsy becomes much better in a period of 6 month, he should consider that everything can not be changed overnight.

Now Dipsy has the freedom to know anyone and has no constrains to hide his depression as he used to do before because he became stronger and happier.