Sometimes people who are overcoming depression think that they need to have a value element when interacting with new people. How is this “value element” created ?. Basically the answer to this for me to this is that it's an inside job. You must think of yourself as a person who has value in this world. You must think of yourself as a person who can help another person.

If you are a brain surgeon or a CEO of a company and you come into contact with people on a regular basis. It is inevitable that people are going to have their own opinions about you internally. For example a person who is a business owner and is highly successful financially but does not spend time with his family may not be perceived as a person of value by other people. This is why it's an inside job. When you think of yourself as a valuable person who stands up for what you believe in, by having good values, etc, then people will see this and be attracted to you.

Having Mental toughness is imperative. To be happy with who you are.

Remember This Important Life Principle: Be – Do – Have

“Be” stands for belief. Believe that you are special & valuable. Secondly do the things and behave in a way that supports your values. Lastly simply Have. You will have the results, good relationships, good health, good of everything. Just by standing for who you are, this will attract like-minded people to you.

Ultimately if you want to be free, you have got to be yourself. Not the person you think your wife thinks you should be, not the person you think your kids think you should be. And above all, not the person you think society thinks you should be. Ultimately if you want to be free, you have got to be yourself, period.

What I mean by this is individual thinking, individual interests, individual likes / dislikes. Of course you must help the “big group”, you must listen to them, you must come to their aid, you must advise them when asked but you must never conform to the big group. By conforming to the big group, one is at risk of losing their individuality and this is not good because one may get depressed being a person that they do not want to be.

Just stick up for you values ​​and do not change who you are. This is one of the most fundamental laws when overcoming depression. Good Luck!