Unfortunately negative states really are popular with people suffering from depression especially when they are alone. It goes like this, a bad thought enters their mind, rather than rejecting that thought, the person allows their mind to follow that thought and as a result the mind enters darkness. When one develops enough awareness, all of those initial negative thoughts will be rejected. That is the key, to reject those thoughts to ensure you always have control over your mind, not that you mind has control over you.

If you really want to overcome depression, you must start putting the right stuff into your head. you need to raise the base you have currently for your thinking. What I mean is, you must start rejecting negative thoughts that usually are only worrisome.

Also it is very hard to be negative when you have love in your heart. When a person is filled with love, positivity and gratitude, it is impossible to be depressed. Just to have a life and to be healthy, you should be so grateful for. Good things will start to flow into your life when you become grateful.

So many people who die of diseases every day would give their limbs just to stay alive. Life is a total gift and you have been given this gift. There is only one of you in this world. You are unique, there is absolutely nobody like you on this planet.

Embrace the gift you have been given. Shine your light on this world. Live your life with positivity, love and gratitude in your heart. As you start to live your life in a state like this, things will turn around for you, guaranteed. I firmly believe that in every heart of a human being, love exists. Unfortunately, people never live from this state, because they have been conditioned otherwise and depression is just another form of conditioning.

When you live your life from a state of love, it does not matter if you are strong, weak, intelligent or not, fat, thin, black, white, etc. We are all one. All human animals are equal. We are one consciousness. Never see yourself as being less than another person. This is impossible. The problem is that you see yourself as less but not I. It is impossible for a person who lives is harmonious state to prejudice you. You are the same as me and all of us. Accept this and treat everyone by this rule. Your world will then change for the better.