In my view in life, nothing can take the place of persistence. When one has persistence locked in unity with faith, one can but only succeed. Decide now that you will overcome depression. Decide now that you will never give up and above all decide now that you will overcome depression and you have 100% faith that you will.

When you have this level of belief, nothing can and will stop you. The simple fact is this. People with faith persist. People who really want to overcome depression bad and know they will do it persist. They do what they have to do. They take things one day at a time but above all, they will never ever give up.

So my question for you today is – how bad do you want it ?. I ask this because people who only are 90% sure they will overcome depression will actually give in when the tough gets going. This can not be you. It's the same in anything in life, the leaders, the people who persist through massive struggles whilst always having their eyes fixed on the goal prevail.

It's not how smart you are or how much you know. It absolutely will come down to how bad you want this. Focus on results, continue without exhaustion and become a person with great faith and you will do this ..

Also ask yourself why you want to this. Reasons come first, answers come second. If you are doing it for a family member or somebody else, that's fantastic. Make your mission bigger than you. Involve more people and tell them of your goal and faith. It is far easier to be dishonest with yourself that with others.

The seven words of success in Life are “Never give up – Never ever give up” Be ruthless in your endeavor. You have to look at this as you – the victor and depression being the culprit – the loser. All depression wants to do is to drag you down into its abyss of loneliness, fear and negativity. The key here is that depression does not want to be logical for you. It never wants you to come to a conclusion about anything. It's sole mission is for you to repeatedly think negatively. That is all, to keep you trapped in a state where all you know is fear, hate and self-doubt .. Depression wants to keep you its slave but as of today you have persist and now you know you will persist and persist until this disgusting disease is once and for all eradicated from your life.