Overcoming depression can be done following the following guidelines. Firstly, you must get advice from the right people. There is so much power in words and when people give bad advice, it can have a detrimental effect on a person's personality. So definitely be careful with the advice you buy. As I have mentioned previously, just look for people who are doing well in their lives. These people obviously are engaged in right thinking and are making a difference. Get around these people, listen to their words attentively and even invite one of them to lunch now and then just to get around them. It certainly will make a difference. Be straight with them, tell them you admire them and ask them what their motivation is for what they do. You will win a friend straight away and also they will respond to you with total positivity. Take notes on what they say and implement it into your own life.

Secondly there is a great expression which I wholeheartedly agree with “They say that does not last, well but does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily.” Therefore if you make it a habit to listen to positive uplifting empowering material daily and also implement it into your life, it has to make a difference. When a person is suffering from depression or overcoming depression, yes the natural state for the mind may be negativity. This is why you must combat this daily. You must create new beliefs and the only way one can do this is by empowering yourself daily. “Repetition is the mother of all skill”. Just by listening to my material or somebody's material a few times wont eliminate your negative beliefs. It must be done daily and as often as you can. You literally must brain wash yourself through uplifting videos, articles, books, etc ..

Your mind is like a garden. If you do not nourish it daily with the right information, negativity will take over and the weeds will grow. Yes, we live in a world where negativity and fear are the norm. Therefore to change the way you mind thinks, think as often as you can about gratitude and love.

Love is when there is no divide. When you know that we are all equal regardless of creed, religion, education, language etc. Love is when all are treated equally. Love is when you never ever judge another person. If one can come from this state of gratitude and love when interacting with people, it will be impossible to be depressed as people will just want to be around you. Yes, at all levels regardless of who we are, we are all one, and people are just looking for connectedness. If one connects with another at this level, that is when bridges are built and that is when you really see people for who they are.