Normally I do not read newspapers nor watch news on television due to immunity hype of negativity that is broadcasted nowdays from around the world. However, today accidentally, I came across the news of Jacks Osbourne's diagnoses with multiple sclerosis. I sent him blessings which will lead him back to health & strength and will empower him positively to discover his way back into the light nodes (within 0 to 7).

The reason why this particular piece of news has done my attention, is because it very clearly demonstrates how we are constantly jumping inward or outward on different Nodes during each moment, hour, or day or week.

So what are nodes or what is Nodes of Being Spectrum?

Nodes are a network of invisible electromagnetic waves spectrum. A formation of concentric circles and are capable of sending, receiving and forwarding information over an invisible communications channel. Divine magnetic energy travels in waves and spans a broad spectrum. This energy can be described by frequency, wavelength, or energy. All like energy or frequency cluster in sphere which encircles each node.

I would like to use this example to validate our state of being when we are faced with various events, situations and circumstance in our life, especially when there are negative or sad. There are many factors that influence our state of being, however there is only one sure way to discover “How badly” or “How positively” we have been affected. Nodes of Being Chart graphically explain that state of being with ease!

Soul Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating thinking pattern that sets a particular set of vibrational frequencies. Each time we think we vibrate; this vibration creates a cluster of vibrations. All like thoughts create a cluster of like vibrations, which then create a specific frequency. These collective dominant feelings sets a particular frequency and this is known as our Soul Frequency. Every time we think a negative thought then it leads to a negative emotion, which sets a negative soul frequency. Most of us think by default. We have lost the control over our thinking. At other times when we think positive thoughts, we create a positive emotion, which sets a positive soul frequency. In short, when we feel good our Soul Frequencies will range from 0 to 7 on the Nodes of Being Sphere. If on the other hand, we are not feeling very good, then Our Soul Frequencies can fall in between 8 to 16 on the Nodes of Being Spectrum.

We experience different frequencies for distinct areas of our life ie Self, Health, Money, Relationship and Work. For example at work if a college is constantly complaining and this is annoying us, then we produce the feeling of irritation, this is what our soul's frequency is for that time. The more strict we feel about a particular subject the strong vibrational frequency becomes. The stronger the vibrational frequency becomes, the more like situations we attract as this in turn would position us on the Nodes of Being Spectrum on number 9, which is Intolerance / Annoyance & Inundated / Stressed.

As how I mentioned earlier, each and every instant we are being affected but we will experience different frequencies for different subjects of our life. For instants, upon reaching home after work your spouse surprises you with a bunch of flowers to say 'thank you'. Now you are giving out a feeling of delightfulness and excuse because of this wonderful gesture. This occurrence places you on Node 4 – Excitement / Cheerfulness / Delightfulness as you're vibrating delightfulness as your soul's frequency (in the subject of relationship).

The Nodes of Being Chart explains various levels of our consciousness. Depending on what our current experiences or conditions are, we would create our state of being and hence are magnetised or positioned to that node. We would either jump inwards or slid outwards depending on the event or condition of our experience in that moment.

These are various Soul Frequencies that we set ourselves throughout the day and sometimes we hit various frequencies on different subject of our life.

Going back to the article that I read, the neurologist confirmed Jack Osbourne's multiple sclerosis diagnosis last month. Jack said: “While I was waiting for the final results, I got really, really angry. Then I got really sad for about two days, and after that I realized: 'Being angry and upset is not going to do anything at this point , if anything it's only going to make it worse … 'adapt and overcome' is my new motto. “

Notice what Jack Osbourne's reactions or feelings are when he initially heard the outcome!

No sooner did he hear the report of his illness; his state of being dropped to Node 13 – Furious / Vengeance. He mentions that he angrily re-acted to the news. When we explore his statement further, he continues that he felt sad – Node 10 – Sad / Monotonous / Lifeless Dishearten / Distrust within the next 2 days. This is progress! You might ask but he is still sad, but sadness is better than feeling angry. He managed to achieve huge improvement in how he felt in just two days. He jumped three nodes inward. In matter of days he accepts his predicament and moves back to Node 7 to Acceptance & Contentment.

Our main purpose is to recover ourselves from feelings of despair or from outer outer nodes (11 to 16) to inner nodes (0 – 10) as soon as possible. Instead of staying angry, we need to take steps to move our anger and aim to move inward as swiftly as possible. This is progress. The sooner we can move to relaxation or accept it is better for us.

To persist & deliberately work ourselves back into the Light Nodes (0 to 7) should be our primary goal. In the process of managing our feelings, we will hit all the in-between nodes. This is perfectly normal. It's never advisable to quantum leap our way back to the light nodes (0 to 7), by jumping several nodes all-together. In fact we can not jump several nodes even if we try.

Some times, after receiving devastating news, to leap straight into action may not be an appropriate first step towards positively influencing a negative problem; although we can make a huge difference when we mentally take time to change how we feel first before taking any form of action. When we take time to align ourselves to the inward nodes this will lead us to an inspired action. An Inspired Action always leads to success.

Sometimes doing “nothing” can be a better solution. Being quiet and listening to our heart helps.

It's vital to know how we are feeling, as negative emotions indicate or alerts us that we are in the process of manifesting something negative. Once we know which frequency we are tuned on, we will be able to know what we will attract in our life, because that is where we have positioned ourselves on the Nodes of Being Spectrum.

Some of the best ways that I use and have found extremely useful to leap to inward nodes are:

  1. Listen to some gentle music. This takes my mind off the problem and brings me a new perspective or angle to address the issue again more objectively. It also gives me some time to rethink the situation calmly.
  2. De-clutter unwanted things in the house. This takes my mind of the problem temporarily.
  3. Spring clean the house or clean a room thoroughly. This helps my uncontrolled thoughts to slow down and for me to take charge of my mind again!
  4. Go for a walk. Nature helps me to enjoy being in the present moment.
  5. Put some music on and dance. Dancing releasing the annoyance or anger that grips us.
  6. Watch a funny movie that would make me laugh and help me to skip some inward nodes. Laughing releases “happy hormones” which helps me to feel slightly better instantly.
  7. Have a chat with a friend about things we love (not about the problem though). This helps me to count my blessings and realize that after all, it's not all doom and gloom.
  8. I keep affirming, “This will pass too”. Over and over again until my mind is feeling peaceful.
  9. My other affirmations that work magically are:

a. I change easily when the need to change arises.

b. Anything that I need will be given to me.

c. I enjoy abundance of everything in my life.

d. I am a unique soul. I have a unique purpose on this earth.

e. God is great and God is in-charge of my life.

f. I trust that there is only well-being in everything that I experience and it will be apparent soon.

g. Oh, is that so! (This is particularly good when we are accused of something that we have not done)

h. I work with my rare talents in a fabulous way with God's guidance.