People through much of the United States will remember the winter of 2014-2015. You have recent memories of shoveling snow, driving through ice, snow, and slush, staying home with the kids when they had a day off, and worrying about the safety of people you know. Those of you who do not live in Southern California now know what a Polar Vortex is.

Psychologically this has been the toughest kind of winter to endure. In most of the Boston area there has been so much snow that homes were buried, when one storm had cleared another one came.The weather was consistently cold in most areas of the United States. Consequentially people felt that they never had a break form shoveling, hazardous driving, rearranging work schedules, making arrangements for the children, and high heating bills.

When people feel stressed they hope that the situation that is stressing them will end soon. This Winter has been relentless without a break. Recently The Winter of 2009-2010 had record snowfall, but it mostly fell in three blizzards and there was a three-week mild spell in January. This winter just continued with snow and / or continuous cold.

There are coping tools that you can use to handle the frequent stressors of winter. The best way is to find activities that you enjoy. Listen to your favorite music, get a massage, call people and go out socially even if it is a hassle to put coats, gloves and boots on. When you stay in the house you do not get the benefits of sunlight and fresh air, and you do not feel connected to the world. This can lead to depression. Having houseplants and pets can be an antidote to depression. Get a massage, meditate, or do anything that will get the blood flowing. All of these activities help to alleviate depression, anxiety, and anger.

Planning the future is another way to make the winter easier. Many people plan their summer vacations while it is still wintertime. Then you have the rest of the winter to look forward to it.

Many people outside of northern latitudes judge winter as a bad time. However, it is the judging itself that makes winter seem depressing. If you just accept the fact that it is now winter but the snow and the cold will end this can make it easier. You can look for things to like about winter that you do not get during the rest of the year. For example, you could notice the way the snow and ice look on the ground and the tree branches. You could appreciate the exercise when shoveling and the good feeling you get when you have completed it. Some people actually like driving in snow because they feel like they are meeting a challenge and conquering. It is all contingent on how you view it.