Depression is an illness you can never find relief from, much like those suffering terrific physical pain. Those in depression suffer terrific mental pain.

When you're in the deep depths of depression all you can wish for is someone somewhere to throw you a line. Haul you in to safety.

Rescue you.

From yourself.

You long to be anyone but you. Actually no, you long to be the old you. The you that existed before depression hit.

Instead of which, once the suffering abates a little, you begin to find the new you. A stronger you. A you who knows themselves far better than most people ever get to know themselves deep down where it counts.

Suffering only lessens however when you take tiny action steps. No steps, no change. It's up to you and nobody else.

Nobody else can rescue you from you.

You have to do it yourself.

With the right advice, the right techniques and the right progress, slowly but steadily you will haul yourself out of the blackness and toward the light.

You have to find little techniques that work for you. Techniques such as this one.

When trying to take an action step such as going for a walk, the act of actually walking out of the door is the hardest. Once you are outside it gets easier and easier to place one foot in front of the other. Yes, in depression you'll feel vulnerable but walking is essential.

So, to take that first step you need to do something that leads you towards the door. Try a cup of tea. Something you enjoy, or coffee. Before you drink it, put on your shoes and coat and keep standing as you drink. Then just as you put the cup down you walk straight out of the door.

It sounds maybe silly, but you have to find ways of dealing with the constant negative voice inside your head that tells you you're too tired or too scared to go for a walk. By beginning with a small pleasant action that leads you to the bigger one, you can sidestep that voice just long enough to get outside.

Once you're outside you're half way there and you can begin using your senses to sample the fresh air that always lifts the spirits, even a tiny amount.

That tiny amount hugely significant when in the deep, deep depths of depression.