Warning: we are now entering a seriously holistic health zone!

According to Chinese Medicine, the human body is animated and energized by 14 main energy pathways, that are often referred to as 'energy meridians'.

Each meridian is connected to a particular bunch of organs and physical systems in your body, and also with a specific set of emotions. If any specific meridian gets weak, blocked or starts to malfunction in some way – and it's not deal with – sooner or later that shows up as an emotional issue. If the problem still is not recognized and dealt with at that stage, then it can go on to manifest as a full-on physical illness or issue.

I know this idea can sound a little wacky to people who are not already into holistic health, so I'm going to take this slowly, to make sure you're with me:

Energy meridians affect our emotions and our physical health. If they're blocked or not working the way they should be, they can cause emotional issues, and also physical health problems.

So now, we've hit the 64 thousand dollar question: which specific energy meridian is most connected to, and responsible for, boosting our mood?

The answer is: the Spleen Meridian.

You probably do not know a whole heck of a lot about Spleen Meridian (I know I did not, when I first started getting into this stuff …) so I've put together a very quick run-down, to help you follow what I'm talking about:

Spleen Meridian 101:

Fact 1: Spleen Meridian deals with all the stuff coming into the body

The Spleen Meridian is responsible for digesting, assimilating and 'dealing with' all the input you get from the outside world. That input could be food; it could be environmental; it could be knowledge; or it could have emotions and feelings.

(Food allergies, intolerances, auto-immune diseases and learning disorders are all fundamentally connected to issues with the Spleen Meridian.)

Fact 2: Modern life is pretty hard on Spleen Meridian

The Spleen Meridian can be wiped-out or chronically-weakened by a whole bunch of things that are part and parcel of modern life, including:

  • Shock or trauma
  • Junk food, chemicals and pollutants
  • Electromagnetic 'smog' (from things like WiFi, cellphones and microwave ovens.)
  • Negative, critical, and / or stressful emotional environments
  • Stress

Fact 3: Compassion, caring and nurturing strengntens the Spleen Meridian

The more compassion, caring and nurturing you have in your life, the stronger your Spleen Meridian – and happy energy – will be.

Fact 4: Indifference, anger and hostility take out your Spleen Meridian.

Nothing but nothing dissolves your happy energy faster or more effectively than being yelled at, ignored, neglected (especially if you're a child) or beaten-up, both verbally and otherwise. You can also seriously short-out your Spleen Meridian if you're prone to guilt-tripping yourself for making mistakes or beating yourself up for not always doing everything perfect .

How to keep Spleen Meridian strong

Now you know just how serious spleen can be getting, and staying happy, here's a few easy things you can do to keep it strong and healthy:

  • Pray on it – God can move mountains, even if you're still stuffing in the microwave meals and living next to a nuclear reactor.
  • Make sure you're giving and getting enough healthy compassion in your life.
  • Do your best to avoid or minimize the stuff that's wiping it out (and if you're not sure what that is, re-read Fact 2, above, to remind you).
  • Exercise regularly – dancing for at least five mad minutes is the single Best way to instantly give your Happy Energy a boost.
  • Use the simple energy technique (described below) to strengthen the Spleen Meridian.

A super-easy technique to strengthen spleen energetically: Tap the spleen pressure points

A great, easy way to strengthen your Happy Energy is to regularly tap or rub the spleen acupressure and neurolymphatic points. These points are located just under your boobs, in front, or at the side of your boobs. Tap whichever area feet more tender – the more energy has got blocked or trapped there, the more it will hurt.

You can sum-up everything we've just learned together like this:

The stronger Spleen is, the happier you'll feel.