Have you ever heard the saying “conversation rules a nation?” I find this statement to be true, most people do not realize the true power in effective communication. Becoming a better communicator can be a great part in your major depression treatment.

Learning is key to self-development, it's natural to be nervous about getting out of your comfort zone. However to achieve success you've never achieved before, you must be willing to do something you've never done. Major depression treatment often involves anxiety treatment as well, facing these fears and will allow you to become an effective communicator.

Listening is an important part of communicating, a conversation could not take place without it. Asking questions is a good practice it gives you an opportunity to establish clarity about the things you have trouble understanding. Learning is impossible without listening and comprehending the information that is being relayed. Do not make the mistake of only listening and not engaging in conversation. Listening is a skill that is more rare than you would expect, some people confuse listening with listening but they are not the same thing.

Be humble, one thing I learned while getting major depression treatment is that I have to forgive. It is not realistic to hold people to standards that are not achievable, we are all human and we all make mistakes. How can I expect someone to forgive me for my mistakes, if I am not willing to forgive others? It is also important to practice humility when speaking to others, confidence is a great attribute but arrogance is its ugly first cousin.

Credibility is established by your actions, words, and sub-conscious behaviors you are unaware of such as eye contact. Making eye contact or failing to make eye contact has different meanings around the world, but in America eye contact something we look for when we communicate with others. This is an effective form of communicating as some individuals have a very difficult time with it. The reason this communication practice is important to major depression treatment, is because many of these individuals have low self-esteem or lack of confidence. Succeeding in this can definitely improve your confidence when communicating with others.

Sense of humor, is one of the most noticeable personality traits. A laugh can always lighten the mood or set the stage for a tension free environment. An important thing to be mindful of is the kind of humor you choose to use, make sure that it is appropriate for the setting and will not be offensive to others.