Yes, it's true that women deal with depression a lot more than men. Neverheless, not only does male depression exist, it is more common than you might think. And the most unfortunate part about this is that often men are absolutely unaware that it is even happening to them.

It is a dreadful stereotype that men should never cry or show emotions or weakness. Men are presumed to be masculine and tough and as a result of today's social and cultural influences they are expected to have 100% control over their emotions and feelings of sadness.

That kind of thinking is short-sighted as men have just as many feelings as their female counterparts and enduring feelings of depression and sadness is no sign of weakness and no reason for men to feel bad about themselves. And similar to women, depressed men also have plenty of options when it concerns getting treatment and help.

Still how do you know that you might suffer from depression? It is very important to recognize the signs to identify if you might need help. When you have depression and you are not aware of it, you may encounter some problematic symptoms.

As an example, in some cases men with depression have issues such as headaches, pain in the back, or other joint pain. Men also in many instances experience difficulty with indigestion or other problems with digestion. It's also usual to have problems sleeping during the night.

Additionally, it's not uncommon for physical problems such as sexual dysfunction to crop up as a result of feelings that should be recognized and worked through. But physical problems are not the only signs that you might be depressed.

If you feel mad much of the time, you may simply be experiencing depression. Anger is often bottled up emotion that is not being expressed in a healthy and balanced way. At some point you can begin to build up so many feelings that you explode in rage.

Anger can also be more humble and be expressed as feeling irritated permanently or feeling criticized. Depression can also result in behavioral changes for many men. As an example, you may be more likely to take impulsive actions.

Commonly, men who have depression pursuit risky behaviors including drinking way too much, having unsafe sex with multiple partners, driving in a fast and loose manner, or other obsessive behaviors that cause even more problems.

There are many factors you might be depressed such as a major transformation in your life including marriage or divorce. Even happy changes can result in stress and depression. You may also be more susceptible after the death of a loved one, chronic illness, financial stress, work stress, and many other aspects.

If you feel you're not quite yourself and you are not happy with the way things are going in your life, it's a great idea to seek professional help. Depression is very treatable and many people delight in improvements within just a few weeks of treatment.

Severe depression is nothing to take for granted or think that it will just recede with time. When it concerns feelings and thoughts about suicide, “checking out” or self harm it is of extreme importance to seek medical assistance immediately. Call your doctor, call a friend or counselor and even call 911. Male depression is serious and thoughts such as these MUST be followed up on instantly. Suicide is never ever the answer in any circumstances and suffering from male depression is no exception.