Money, or the lack of money, has been known to drive a sane man mad. I have found on my journey that worry over the lack of money drive people to emotions that are dangerous, including anger and rage. Did you know that worry is invisible and not real? Today is the only day we have and this moment is the only moment we have.

What causes invisible worry?

From my observation invisible worry is caused by self imposed restrictions and requirements upon life! We tend to think that society expects something from us and that if we fail to deliver, they we have failed. However, if we are living our best life, in the most authentic manner, we will always attract into our lives, that which expands our world. If we are in need of money, then a relaxed mind, excited about having that money, will attract abundance. On the opposite coin, the worried mind, afraid of not being able to attract or earn money, will attract more situations to worry about.

How can we defeat worry?

At this point, and as I write this article, I have been engaged in my own battle with worry. Part of me wants to beat my chest and say “Bring it On”, but the softer part of me knows that all I really seek is an enlightened state of well-being. I want peace in my heart to know that God takes care of me always and that if I will just relax and allow this, it will be delivered to me on the wings of angels. Defeating worry is simply neutralizing the battle, and eliminating the mindset of fight or flight.

Engaging in Intentional Gratitude

There are many sources that site Gratitude as the great balancing agent for any negative situation we are going through. Gratitude is simply being thankful for everything in your life that you currently possess. This could be great health, a good home to live in, a nice vehicle or a great career. Every possession you have came at a time when you were in a state of great well-being. Worry creates more and more situations of worry. Therefore, when you begin to feel worry set in – take a step back and be grateful for what you have with the intention and belief that you are always cared for and have many vibrant options.

Key Facts to Remember

We have the choice every day of how we view our world. We also have the choice to be happy and grateful despite our current position in life. Take deep breaths and remind yourself that all is well in the “now” or at this moment. Visualize your life in alignment with what you want to happen. You will see great changes transpire.

Love & Smiles