What Is Postpartum Depression? Nutrition And Depression

What Is Postpartum Depression?

Our first clue to what postpartum depression is follows from a study of young boys who have mothers that suffered from the condition. It was found that often display behavioral problems in school. This has usually been attributed to their emotional development being inhibited by mom's condition.

I do not think so. It has been shown quite conclusively that women in the critical early postpartum period of 4 to 6 days, where the blues most often set in, have significantly elevated levels of a brain protein called monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A).

Tested against a control group they were found to have, on average, 43% higher levels of MAO-A. This is significant because neurotransmitters, especially serotonin, are removed by MAO-A. There is little doubt about the role serotonin plays in mood alteration.

A host of very effective antidepressants, like Prozac for example, are designed specifically to boost serotonin levels. This demonstrates that the high risk at this critical time of the sunset of a major depressive episode is not psychological.

No, it is biological! The 13% of women who do end up suffering postpartum depression are obviously missing the essential nutrients to boost their serotonin levels. The young boys in the study, who have behavioral problems, almost certainly have basic diets very similar to their mothers.

So, the boys also suffer from a biological, rather than psychological effect. If their mothers' diets are deficient in some essential nutrients it is safe to absorb so their also. It is very likely that the mothers' shortcomings inhibit full development of their children's nervous systems.

Although there has been a significant amount of research into this phenomenon, very little attention has been paid to nutrition.

Nutrition And Depression

This lack of research is unfortunate, but a fact of life. Sophisticated brain imaging techniques to measure levels of proteins and other chemicals, as well as the researchers who conduct them, do not come cheaply. The only ones with the money and the motivation are not in the food industry, they are in the pharmaceutical industry.

Here, most research is aimed at synthesizing drugs to raise serotonin levels or lower MAO-A levels. Even though research has not been able to conceal why they become abnormal. This is so typical of medical research, find and treat the symptom while ignoring the root cause.

Why this is really unfortunate is that researchers are now beginning to believe that all depression stems from increases in MAO-A levels, not just postpartum depression. I submit that even without the research we can, not only attribute depression to poor nutrition, but we can take steps based on what we do know, to avoid it.

We do know, for example, that there are certain foods that feed the nervous system. We also know there are toxins in foods that adversely affect the nervous system. Here, the most logical and healthy way to deal with or avoid depression is to eat the former and avoid the latter.

All of the huge number of different types of proteins are a combination of just 22 amino acids. Amino acids can act as neurotransmitters or precursors to other transmitters like serotonin. The small group of sulphur containing amino acids are especially important for brain function.

These are mainly found in eggs and meat. And remember to always put the juice left in the pot back in with the meat. This is where the highest concentration of sulphur containing amino acids are found. Other foods known for their efficiency in feeding the nervous system include butter and cream as well as shell fish, fish eggs, cod liver oil and liver.

Speaking of pots be sure to avoid aluminum as it is associated with damage to the nervous system. So also are aspartame, the artificial sweetener in many soft drinks, mono sodium glutamate (msg) and amalgam dental filings.

A protocol I use to detox from heavy metals, which are almost unavoidable, especially since I have numerous amalgam filings is very simple. I stir a teaspoon of food grade diatomaceous earth in a glass of water and drink it at bedtime.

I use Perma-Guard as it has been extensively tested and shown to effectively bind with heavy metals and carry them out of the body. I do it before bed so it does not bind with all the good minerals that I insure are a part of my daily intake. Cilantro is also a good detox for heavy metals.

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There’s No Shame In Depression

“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.”
~ Laurell K. Hamilton

The facts made known to us through the branch of existentialism explain our struggles. We are alive but for a short time, and whilst we lament that we will soon and certainly die, we often lament just as much that we are alive. These are truly dark realities. Those given to depressive episodes – a day, a few months, or even indefinitely for some – know these realities intimately, and more. They have borne the brunt of truth (and many vicious non-truths) at full force.

Ever more do the depressed need God, but shame is inappropriate. The trouble is society has become adept at refusing to recognize what is patently in front of it.

And where we find ourselves sharply out of step from the social landscape we belong in, we begin to feel we do not belong. When we are forced to belong in a place we do not feel we belong, our wellbeing turns south. We enter disease.

All this dissonance from within suggests we are at war – with ourselves. And if we explore the protagonists of the war, we may see one of the reasons for the conflict: an irreconcilable shame. It appears irreconcilable.


Not that we propagate feeling depressed, because quite frankly there are far better ways to live, but we can appreciate the courage it takes to live in a depressed state. To live this way, to bear the load, to socialise when it hurts, and to trudge one day at a time; that is courage.

So where does shame fit?

It's a lie of the enemy. This dark and mysterious dog is intentally invisible. It growls and it snaps, yet we do not really know what it looks like. All we know is how we feel.

There is no shame in being depressed, because it takes more courage to live this way than most think.

There is no shame in being depressed, as much of what depression is coming against us beyond our control. But we can deal with it the best we can, with the help available to us. And I suppose we can be thankful that have have access to much better treatment options than we used to.

There is no shame in being depressed, because if any other person had the personality and experiences we do they would react the same as us. All things being equal we have more in common with others than we ever realize.

There is no shame in being depressed.

© 2012 SJ Wickham.

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Grieving: When We Lose Someone We Love

CS Lewis, writer of the well known Narnia Chronicles, composed this very true line, “No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.” For anyone who has lost someone they love no thoughts ring truer than these written by Lewis. Sadness, despite the fact that it's generally called a normal process, feels as though we are robbed of our own being.

For people who have lost someone they love to cancer, regardless of whether these patients underwent the conventional method or seek alternative cancer treatments, there is an emptiness that they feel after losing the battle. It could be said that in some way the sickness cancer preps you for death, yet grief is a bottomless well or a sinking pit one can not get out of.

In psychology there are actually 7 stages of grief prior to one can say they are really over it. And despite the sadness of losing someone we love to cancer or to any form of death is something people will carry for the rest of their lives, there will be a point when we can overcome grief.

Shock and Denial
Pretending this is just a dream is the normal first reaction to grief. The shock is of it really happening brings about disbelief and our mind's initial response is to refute it.

Pain and Guilt
Even though sadness is an emotionally charged sensation, sometimes the pain is simply too deep that it's almost physical. This ache is what causes the depression and the self-destructive ways. It's also the most anguished section of the stages. There's also such a thing as survival's guilt, feeling that we should have perished along with our cherished one.

Anger and Bargaining
For the reason that we can not do anything concerning the situation, we all experience this heavy rage and demonstrate hostility to the world or blame people for the demise. This is where people relate the bottled sadness they feel within.

Irrationally, we also start to bargain for our dearly departed. We do query why us or promising God specific things in order to bring him or her back to life.

Depression, Reflection and Loneliness
We then come to a point when we just want to be alone and think about what just transpired and also why this happened to our life. We'd think, we performed every little thing, alternative cancer treatments, good nutrition, the best medical doctors yet still, this is what happened. Often the melancholy is substantial in this phase because this is once you comprehend the scale of the loss. People who will try to help you get out of this rut ​​will not succeed.

Upward Turn
This is the stage when we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We're not completely out of it but the dark has lightened up a little bit.

Reconstruction and Working Through
After seeing that silver lining, we become more functional. We start reflecting on more positive notes like what we should with our lives, how we could restore our lives, and our utmost concern is to move on.

Acceptance and Hope
This is now the end of the tunnel and all over the sun is out and the world is a gorgeous place to live in again. You've come to acknowledge your sadness, because it is not totally gone, but you've accepted the circumstance you're in.

It's difficult to lose someone we love, be it cancer or any other form. But as Leo Tolstoy said, “Only people who are capable of loving strongly can also suffer great sorrow, but this same necessity of loving serves to counteract their grievance and heals them.”

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Using Personal Strength to Overcome Depression

Because depressed states are considered serious illnesses, sufferers may need special attention to overcome the disease and regain their lives. In learning how to overcome depression, they will want to build an extensive support network of friends and relatives. Even during the days when they feel particularly down, they should try to engage in social activities with people who love them and care for them. In fact, interacting with others is one of the ways in which the worst of the depression symptoms can be lessened. Playing guitar, attending a sporting event, or having a picnic are all low-key activities that can help.

Physical exercise is one of the best tonics for mild to moderate depressive episodes. Because even just a bit of cardiovascular exercise can release feel-good hormones that will surge out of the brain, this is one way to elevate mood and improve outlook. Men and women who have never exercised much in their lives may find it hard to know where to start. If they fancy any particular activity and have wanted to try it for years, then they should commandeer a friend and start right away. Lovers of the outdoors can hike in the local woods at the first faint blush of dawn. Positive moods should soon follow.

Avoiding unnecessary stress is yet another way to prevent one's depression from spiraling out of control. For example, if individuals have been under undue financial strain for some time, they might want to procure some debt relief assistance. This will help them to improve their financial standing, and they will no longer remain awaken at night endlessly replaying their economic problems within their own minds. If the downturn in their mood has been caused by the loss of a loved one, then they may attend counseling sessions. Reputable counselors can suggest specific techniques for avoiding negative thought patterns.

Lastly, medication can also help. Psychiatrists suggest that some people may be incapable of normal thinking without the benefit of certain medicines. These medications can reestablish proper brain chemistry, which will help pull people out of their negative states. As with most medicines, individuals should read the capsule sidebars carefully so that they can identify any potential side effects.

Because depression is a serious illness that can lead to severe mental injury, sufferers should get help as soon as they can. With the assistance of loved ones, depressed men and women should receive professional care on a range of fronts. Social activity, exercise, and medication can all combat various symptoms of the disease.

The information contained in this article is provided for informational purposes only and is not, nor is it ever intended to be, a substitution for professional medical advice or professional recommendations, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician (s) or other qualified healthcare provider (s).

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: An Effective Method to Beat Mental Disorders

A little change in our attitude helps to understand and overcome adverse situations in our life. The way we have and the way we react to situations predominantly depends on our own perspective towards life and situations that directly or indirectly impacts our lifestyle.

As a psycho-therapeutic approach, Cognitive Behavioral therapy helps individuals to learn new skills to deal with dysfunctional behaviors and emotions. This kind of therapy is used both for individuals and groups to train them in recovering from addictions, depressions, panic attacks, anxiety disorders and other phobias. The self-help sessions in such therapy programs helps in understanding and overcoming various disorders and alleviating symptoms. In most of the cases, such CBT is beneficial for patients who suffer from various mental health disorders and depressions as it poses fewer risks than antidepressants and other methods of psychotherapies.

In order to avail the best solutions for any kind of mental disorders through CBT, individuals should feel free to expose their worries, problems or fears. This helps CBT experts in offering better counseling and suggesting the apt therapy or program for long term benefits. They take initiative in understanding the illness and its severity that may differ from person to person. The therapy focuses on eliminating negative behavior of individuals of different age groups through systematic processes. This therapy has also turned out to be a boon for those suffering from:

  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorders
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders

The concept of Cognitive Behavioral therapy evolved in early 1960's. A combination of behavioral and cognitive therapy, CBT focuses on the beliefs and thoughts that influence the mood and attitude of an individual. The therapy facilitates one's thinking process to be more healthy and adaptive and tries to change unhealthy behavioral patterns. Any environmental factors or past experiences influence one's perspective of any given situation. Often this view is distorted and that makes them react to situations with an irrational response. The very first step in CBT is to teach people to analyze the trouble situations with complete clarity in order to adopt the right and appropriate reaction. CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy offered by professionals help in providing complete relief to patients from behavioral and emotional responses that leads to disturbing situations. This therapy comes to play when a person consciously analyzes, interprets and manages his / her thoughts. As feelings and thoughts are interwoven, individuals find better control over their emotions. Anyone who wants to control the thought process can apply this technique and reap maximum benefits.

CBT, although a lengthy process is very effective and hence worth all the efforts. Here is an incredibly popular treatment program that helps people in recovering from a great variety of disorders right from depressions to panic disorder and bulimia. If you are looking for a sure solution to your stress, disorders or depressions, look for such CBT therapy specialists. They can guide you in being more positive in life, relieving you from all sorts of anxieties with ease.

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What To Do About Depression So You Can Enjoy Life

Depression affects about twenty-five percent of women and about ten percent of men at some point in their life. Worldwide an estimated 350,000,000 people suffer from the effects of depression at some time or another. Unfortunately as well as suffering from depression and recovering, there is a very high relapse rate. Today, more and more people are wondering just what to do about depression so you can enjoy life.

Once you figure out what to do about depression, you will have more fun in your life, better relationships, greater capacity for learning and improved job performance. As you work on changing your mindset this will have an impact on many facets of your life, resulting in an improvement in your overall happiness.

Enjoy It Even If You Are Not Good At It

According to Carol Dweck, “You do not have to think you're already great at something to want to do it and to enjoy doing it.” When you focus on doing something and learning more without concern for success or failure, it is easier to enjoy what you are doing.

So what if you've never tried to paint before? Who cares. Have a drink with your friends, pick up some dollar store paint and give it a try if that is what you want to do. Unfortunately, those with a fixed mindset are likely to avoid such simple pleasures because of a fear of failure. You believe that you are not good at it and you will be embarrassed. Never mind all that just have fun with it. As you are on the journey of figuring out what to do about your depressed state, you are allowed to have fun trying new things.

Stop Searching For Ideal Relationships & Learn What to Do About Depression

The feeling of being alone is one of the most common causes for depression. However, your fixed mindset may be keeping you from the relationships that you long for with family, friends and a significant other.

People with a fixed mindset need others to make them feel important and put them on a pedestal. You think that your best friend, husband or wife should be able to read your mind and the two of you should always agree on everything.

As you are learning about how to manage your depression you will understand that by adopting a growth mindset, your relationships will improve. You will see that what you long for is actually someone that will see your faults and love you anyway. You want someone who makes you a better person and will encourage you to try new things. This type of relationship will enable you to develop as a person and that results in happier and healthy relationships with others.

Learning what to do about depression and taking on a growth mindset does not mean that success is always guaranteed and everything will come to you effortlessly. However, by changing your mindset, you will learn to appreciate your accomplishments and strive to do bigger and better things even if they are outside your comfort zone. Best of all, you will learn to enjoy your life.

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How Do I Escape The Finger Of Self-Accusation And Find Self-Respect

What you did was not that bad. A hasty ill-judged remark, an over-indulgence, a minor act of selfishness. You want to forget about it but the memory lingers. What if somebody else noticed? You feel uneasy with yourself. Is this the tiny prick of conscience? A sense you have done something wrong? You want to feel better about yourself but you can not change what happened. You want to find self-respect after doing wrong.

Joan had become preoccupied with her sense of guilt. She had badly let down her life-time friend Sally. Not gone to her best pal's wedding. There was a good reason or so she had tried to tell herself. The conference was one she had keenly wanted to attend. But she could have put it off until the following year. She knew she should have put her life-long friend first. Sure, Sally was still speaking – after a fashion – but Joan could not forgive herself.

We all do some wrong things but there are actions that some people take that cause immunity hurt and damage. But whatever it is we have done, we need to feel liked and accepted without feeling bad about ourselves. So how does one get rid of guilt?

If you are not unexpectedly being hard on yourself, the first step is to stop making up excuses to justify, what deep down, you know you should not have done. Be honest and own up at least to yourself. And resolve to try not to do something like it again. If you want, you can be a different person from the time when you behaved badly.

Okay there are some things that can not be remedied that we will regret for ever. Yet you can ask yourself, is there really nothing I can do to right the wrong? Sometimes you can and then a sense of pardon might be felt from the offended person after you apologize or try to make amends. This happened to Joan. Not only did she confess her selfish error to Sally, she did her best to make it up to her by later throwing a surprise wedding anniversary party. And that cost her a pretty penny and some valuable time but she was really glad she could do it. She and Sally were the best of friends again.

Reconciliation can be a wonderful thing, for example following maritime breakdown, but how can this be achieved following serious crime. How on earth do people live with themselves after committing murder or abusing a child? I guess if they have little conscience then they suffer little guilt. But if they do have genuine remorse then sad indeed is their torment unless they can find a way to stop condemning themselves for that one mad moment when they completely lost self-control.

Some people have experienced with psychedelic drugs and report the experience of love and forgiveness, as well as benign and blissful moments of cosmic unity whilst under the chemical influence. But these effects do not seem to last and the 'trip' can also include horrible visions of filth and torture.

So where can we get lasting help for a stricken conscience? Those with strong feelings of anxiety and guilt have been drawn to the promise of religion for their redemption. But traditional Christianity speaks about the “forgiveness of God for the repentant sinner” thus using a language that has unconstitutional connotations of punishment and judgment.

Instead, why not think of the image of genuinely loving parents? These have nothing to forgive when looking at their children who go off the rails. Just hope and encouragement for better days ahead.

Or think of non-judicial counsel who adopt an accepting attitude towards their clients. This status allows assurances of guilty secrets and the encouragement of self-insight and attitude change.

Counselors do not need to forgive, for it is not they who have been offended but they do foster self-acceptance. Likewise the divine Counselor, as the origin of infinite mercy and compassion, does not need to forgive. For to forgive obligations complaint which Love itself is incapable of feeling. Such an idea of ​​God as a Counselor can be thought of as providing healing of guilt.

Emanuel Swedenborg taught that there is a huge mistake in an interpretation of the Christian doctrine of 'justification by faith alone' that correct religious belief is sufficient for salvation. Instead he said that what is wanted in the heart and what is done by the hands, in addition to what the head thinks, is what really matters. He claimed that to feel divine acceptance, belief alone is insufficient: one also has to put into practice one's belief and that this means changing the ways one deals with other people by following Christ's way.

In other words whilst in humble supplication we can pray for God's mercy but in so doing we need to remember our own responsibility for accepting other people. As the Lord's prayer says:

“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

As HT Hamblin put it:

“If he will love, or hold in thoughts of good-will the one who has wronged him, then his life will become happy and peaceful, and in its highest sense, successful.”

Copyright 2012 Stephen Russell-Lacy

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Identify The Signs Of Depression

We all undergo ups and downs within our disposition. Sadness is a normal reaction to life's battles, setbacks, and disappointments. Many people make use of the word “depression” to explain these kinds of emotions; even signs of depression are a lot more than just unhappiness. Some individuals describe depression symptoms because “living inside a dark hole” or using a sense of impending tragedy. Nonetheless, several depressed individuals do not really feel sad from all-they may feel lifeless, bare, and also apathetic, or sometimes males especially perhaps even sense irritated, hostile, and also stressed.regardless of the signs of depression, depressive disorders differs from regular unhappiness for the reason that engulfs your own day-to-day lifestyle, adjusting your skill to work, research, consume, sleep, and have fun. The emotions of helplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness are intense as well as unrelenting, along with little, when any, reduction. Depressive disorders is different from individual to individual, however there are some common signs and symptoms. It's remembering this that these signs may be section of life's regular lows. But the a lot more signs you have, the stronger there, and the lengthier they've worn-the much more likely it's that you're coping with depression. Whenever these symptoms tend to be mind-boggling and also crippling, then you're ready to seek out assist.

Depression can be a main danger factor with regard to destruction. The particular strong despair as well as hopelessness which goes in addition to depression symptoms can make suicide verses like the only way to escape the anguish. Feelings of death or despite committing suicide are a serious sign of depression symptoms, so consider any taking once life discuss or behavior significantly. It's not just a warning indication the body's contemplating destruction: it is a cry regarding aid. Major depressive disorder is a filled word within our tradition. Many connect this, abruptly incorrectly, with a manifestation of weak spot and also excessive emotion. This is also true along with men. Stressed out men are not as likely as compared to females in order to acknowledge emotions associated with self-loathing and hopelessness. Rather, they have a tendency in order to grumble regarding exhaustion, becoming easily irritated, sleep problems, as well as loss of curiosity about perform and also hobbies. Additional signs and symptoms of depression symptoms that face men consist of rage, violence, assault, dangerous conduct, and substance abuse. Despite the fact that symptoms of depression prices for women tend to be doubly high as those involved with males, males are a higher committing suicide risk, particularly old men.

Rates associated with depression symptoms in females tend to be two times as higher because they are in men. This can be thanks partly to be able to hormone aspects, especially when it comes to premenstrual syndrome (pms) and postpartum depressive disorders. For signs, ladies are more likely than guys to have obvious emotions of remorse, rest too much, overeat, and put on weight. Women will also be able to have problems with seasonal affective disorder. Signs of depression are seen as a not being able to take it easy and experience satisfaction. The actual symptoms tend to be continuous, ranging from average in order to separate. Not deal with, depressive disorder generally can last for concern half a year. Some people experience merely a single depressive occurrence inside their life time, however additionally; major depression is really a repeating disorder. Nonetheless, there are lots of things you can do to support your mood and lower the chance of recurrence.

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Recognizing Key Signs Of Depression

Depression is a serious mental health disorder that can strike males, females, adults, adolescents and even children. Adult caretakers, school teachers, doctors and even religious leaders should be trained in recognizing the key signs of depression so that they may be able to help or advise others to seek medical attention. There are several key characteristics to look for to recognize depression. Not all of them are as obvious as they may seem.

Reduced Non-Verbal Communication

With depression, many people can have a reduced amount of facial expression, gesturing and voice incellection. They will tend to speak in a monotone voice and may also have trouble recognizing these conversational aspects in others as well.

Decreased Personal Grooming Habits

People suffering from depression may start to ignore daily grooming regimens. They may start to skip showers, fail to brush or comb their hair and wear dirty clothing. Be on the lookout for wrinkly clothing as well as loss of interest in cleaning and personal hygiene.

Changes In Sleep Habits

Those suffering from depression may experience drastic changes in their sleeping patterns, including increased or decreased sleep. When coupled with anxiety, depression can lead to sleepless nights, restless sleep and waking prematurely. Since sleep is an essential life process necessary for the body to heal, consolidate memories and rest, this can have a damaging effect on one's physical health, memory and interpersonal life. Depression can also result in excessive sleep, for example, sleeping more than twelve hours at once without waking. Adults should get between seven and nine hours of sleep per night, so look for any sudden changes in sleep patterns. Keep in mind, however, that some people naturally need a bit more or less sleep than average to function.

Changes In Eating Habits

Depression can also affect one's appetite, causing increases or decrements in food intake. Occidentally, depression can also be paired with or result from eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa (not eating at all) or bulimia nervosa (binge eating followed by purging or vomiting). Be on the lookout for sudden changes in weight, aversion to food, drastic changes in diet, such as only drinking liquids or coffee, or binge eating certain types of food.

Loss of Interest In Previous Activities

One of the most prominent features of depression is a loss of interest in activities or hobbies that a person previously enjoyed. This can include school, work, religious affiliations or social events. The person can become listless, disinterested and bored. Look for a sudden decrease in activity, the person skipping out on routine events and avoidance of social situations.

Decreased Sexual Desire

Depression can also decrease a person's sexual desires and performance. Married people suffering from depression may start avoiding spouses and going to bed early or may not be able to perform sexually.

Suicidal Thoughts

Serious cases of depression can cause a feeling of worthlessness, guilt and other strong emotions that can cause victims to contemplate suicide. There are several key phrases to listen for that can signal that a person is having suicidal thoughts. They include, “I'm so worthless,” “No one would even notice if I died,” “I just want to die,” and “I want to kill myself.” Although these can sometimes be stated in passing, they should be taken seriously, especially when stated in combination with any of the above characteristics of depression. These phrases are usually a minority cry for help from a sufferer who may not know how else to express himself or herself or ask for help.

Suicide Attempts

The most severe sign of depression is trying to take one's own life. This can be by engaging in reckless behavior, taking drugs or other attempts. These should be taken very seriously, and the person should be committed to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

These are a few of the signs and symptoms of depression that can be recognized while there is still time for treatment.

Copyright (c) 2012 Embrace Depression

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How to Overcome Mental Depression

An understanding of depression and its cause, will allow one to overcome its debilitating effects. The feeling of being down in spirits affects everyone. This is normal, and is a result of some event which has occurred, to make one feel sad. When this feeling persists and disturbs ones functioning in a normal way, it leads to depression. Depression affects people differently, but there is a commonality of symptoms that define it. It is a feeling of emptiness and no hope. It affects the quality of one's sleep and the ability to perform tasks and concentrate. It can also affect ones appetite. There is a feeling of hostility, and one becomes angry at minor infractions. One even envisages committing suicide.

Depression can be overcome and requires firm action on one's part. The need to get better, and the will to surmount any obstacles, will have a bearing on tackling depression. One needs to stay focused and address issues, by tackling them one by one. The process is slow, as ones energy levels are at its lowest point. One can simply take a walk or call a friend. One could even talk to a family member. The main point is to conclusion the process by taking concrete steps towards recovery.

Talking with loved ones about problems will be of immunity help. When one can share with another, the issues being faced, it is possible to get the required assistance and find a solution. Depression makes one go into a shell, and trying to reach out to people who are close, will enable one to emerge and find a way out. One should avoid being with oneself and make an attempt to mingle with people. It may be difficult at first but the process of getting better will become easier and effective.

One could also join a group dealing with depression. Being able to share each other's problems will be of immunity help. The knowledge that one is not alone, will also help in overcoming depression. The most important thing to remember, is to remain positive. There is always the sun after the rain, and one has the support of one's family and friends who are close and can be of help. It will be difficult at first, but one has to carry on and continue the healing process to get better. This will enable one to live a happy and fulfilled life.

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Knowing Some of The Most Important Facts on Depression

There are many different kinds of depression, and many different facts on depression. Depression is responsible for being the most recorded form of disability in the world.

This statistic covers all kinds of depression including Bi-Polar disorder, manic depression, clinical depression, post-partum / natal depression, pregnancy based depression, SAD, and many more. But there is one thing that they all have in common.

What is that you might wander, many people will positively agree that the condition of depression feels like your brain is in a prison which you can not break out of. Another way of describing depression is – many sufferers feel like they are in a very deep hole and can not find a way to get out of it.

What are the symptoms of depression exactly?

You will notice that depression will show itself is so many different ways that it can be hard to know when it is depression and when it is not. For example, with women who have had a traumatic birth for example may feel that they are suffering from Post-Partum / natal depression, but on further examination can be discovered to be actually suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

People are not always aware what is going on because their difficulties and problem to be more of the physical nature rather than the mental nature. They will affirm to themselves that they are just under the weather or feeling a little run down. But, if you cross off four or five of the following symptoms, or even more of them then it is likely you are depressed and should visit your GP and ask for some help.

Do not be accused to ask for help, contrary to how some people feel, it is not a sign of a weakness, you are going made, you are losing the plot, no one is going to laugh at you and there is most absolutely nothing to be accused of. It is a natural illness just the same as Flu, Pneumonia, toothache etc.

How does depression pills make you feel?

Many people who become depressed are a little disillusioned by the fact that they believe that depression medication is the ultimate cure for depression, but they tend to be disappointed when they find out that this is not the case. They find out that the medication does not work as well as they had hoped. So just to summarize on this point, depression tablets and pills are usually designed to work in partnership with other treatments and therapies.

Some anti-depressants have active ingredients which match the active ingredients in other drugs used for different conditions such as drugs to help patients to stop smoking. Always check the active ingredients in all your medicines, read the advice sheet included with your prescription carefully before you start to use your medicines. If you have any questions then do not hesitate to contact your doctor and make sure everything is OK and safe.

So what is the difference between minor depression and major depression?

So what exactly is the difference between minor and major depression ?. Major depression is when a sad mood lasts for much, much longer than just a few days, it can be life threatening as people tend to think a lot about committing sufficiency, energy levels disintegrate, the feelings of guilt and it is all your fault increase Dramatically. Whereas with minor depression you will find that you only really need someone to talk to and very little intervention, you might even get away without needing to take any medication. It feels more like a feeling of just being a little bit run down. This is one of the most important facts on depression one must know about.

What is the relationship between depression and eating disorders / issues?

Eating disorders with or without the added complication of depression is a very complicated issue to deal with, usually accompanied by some kind of psychological illness and anxiety of some description. The problem can begin for a whole way of reasons from:

• Peer pressure,

• Models and celebrities being very thin leading the sufferer to attempt to build the perfect body in the same way,

• A form of control. The sufferer has a feeling that she has lost control of her life so she tries to regain control by means of how she controls her eating habits.

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I Have Depression! – Simple Natural Treatment Options for the Condition

Are you suffering from depression? If your answer to the question is yes I have depression, then you must be worried about the next step that you should take. Before you determine your next move, it would be important to be sure that what you have is really depression.

Depression is a mental disorder. Patients suffering from this condition have imbalanced brain chemicals and also show abnormal brain functionality.

There are four types of depression.

Major depression- A patient with major depression may experience; low moods, loss of interest in activities that he used to enjoy, low levels of energy, loss of appetite, restlessness, difficulty in making decision and concentrating, guilt, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts among other feelings.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – patients with this type of depression experience milder symptoms as compared to those with major depression. In most circumstances, the condition may arise from chance in seasons for example experiencing longer nights during winter.

Post Partum Depression- This condition affects mothers and it is common some times after giving birth. The patient experiences the common symptoms of depression. However this condition last for a short time and then it goes away.

Dysthymia- Symptoms of dysthimia are similar to those of major depression. However, the symptoms will become milder with time. This condition may last for up to 2 years.

If you are saying that “I have depression” you may want to know what triggered the condition. Depression may be triggered by an illness, change in season as well as external factor such as divorce or grief.

When you realize that you are suffering from depression, it is best if you seek medical help immediately. There are many medications available for depression patients. However, it is important to note that most of the medicines available may leave you with severe side effects. For this reason, many people may choose to seek natural treatments for this condition.

Simple natural treatments for depression

The first way to deal with depression is through improved nutrition. This treatment option not only will it improve your physical health but will also boost both emotional and mental health.

The treatment involves modification of the diet which includes amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Amino acids play a vital role in neurotransmission. If depression was resulting from deficiency of minerals and vitamins, supplementing your meals with these nutrients will cause such depression symptoms.

St John's wort is an herb that is popular in dealing with depression. This herb has many active ingredients such as; xanthones, phloroglucinols, naphthodianthrones, proanthocyanidins and flavonoids. This herb has been found to be very effective in the treatment of depression in its moderate and mild stages.

Ginkgo extract is also very effective in treating depression. It is mostly used to certain types of depression that are resistant to anti-depressant drugs. This is the reason why many medical researchers are focusing on this herb in their pursuit to find the best cure for depression.

If you were scared to say that I have depression, you must be happy after learning that there are simple and easy natural remedies for the condition. Do not just sit there and wait for the depression to go away, take action and seek appropriate treatment.

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Books On Depression – Reading Your Way Towards Overcoming Depression

Before, I always believed the depression was simply an excuse that's made up by individuals who let their emotions beat the hell out of them. However, my beloved father's fatality definitely changed my whole outlook with regards to life, as well as to this mental problem that I never thought really implemented. I have come up to a conclusion that I wanted to go on and pursue the things I want in life. Since then, I had to find effective ways that will help me battle through the challenges that life thread up me and overcoming depression. So, I thought of reading certain books on depression which really helped me in a lot of ways.

For you to be able to cope up and fight depression, you have to point out the factors that led you towards it. Perhaps the best way to begin with was being giving yourself an assessment. Why? Simple; the conflict is nowhere to be found, but within you. Although this kind of condition may seem too common, it is also extremely unique to a point that it can not be aided just by taking medications. You really need to identify the core of this kind of mental disorder. Remember, solving a problem would be close to impossible if you do not go all the way back to where it all began.

Getting medical attention may also be a necessity to diagnose a particular kind of depression that a patient could have according to all the research work I had done, as well as from various books on depression that I have completely read. One thing is for sure for sure, depression is triggered by a wide array of factors. Some of the theories about certain cases would cater genetic predisposition within the family while behaviors help others in better understanding as to how genetics would be linked towards this kind of condition. Also, it has been reported that changes within the brain function and structural build can add up to the further growth of one's depressed reaction. Neverheless, there has never been a particular evidence that is sufficient enough to conclude the connection genetics or brain function has with depression.

Based on studies, people with low levels of confidence and pessimistic practices are believed to have higher tendencies of being depressed in more frequent instances. With very little bumps that they have to struggle with which could be an issue within the family or within the community such as being bullied by others, they easily get highly emotional to a point of depression. Obviously, these individuals usually get the impression that they are worthless in the society because of the kind of treatment that they get from the people they have to deal with everyday.

Let me tell you something, we all have issues to deal with. Furthermore, life is always worth living for and every existence has a beautiful purpose in this world. Life is tough, so be tougher. You may think it's unfair, but that's just how it is. All it takes is a matter of acceptance and that will nudge you to just move on and try the best you can to improve yourself and have a grasp of the things you desire. A simple effort it may seem, but reading books on depression will certainly help you triumph over the war going on within you.

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Depression In Adults

Depression has become very common among the adults. Depression may occur in three levels which includes; mild depression, moderate depression as well as severe depression. Research has shown that one in every four women and one in every ten men will suffer from depression at some time in their lives. There are many symptoms that are associated with depression in adult such as; loneliness, suicidal thoughts, loss of appetite, loss of sleep, low energy, persistent sadness and so on. The more severe the condition becomes, the more the symptoms that the patient will experience. In most cases, the patients will get convinced that something really bad is about to happen to them such as a fatal disease or poverty.

Recent studies have shown that about 6% -19% of the population will suffer from major depression at one time in their life. Although there is no known known cause for depression, many researchers tend to think that it is a biological illness. The reason for this is due to; The condition occurs without any apparent reason for example without any changes in lifestyle, The condition tend to run down the family tree, It can be treated with medicines alone in most cases.

Depression is a condition that must be taken very seriously. If not checked, it can have severe impacts on one's life. It can interfere with social life, career life, family relationships and can also impact negatively on your sense of self purpose and self worth.

Major causes of depression in adults

There are many factors that have been found to be possible causes of depression. Some of the causes include; alcohol abuse, change in seasons, physical / hormonal changes, traumatic events, hypothyroidism, stroke, heart attack and so on.

Common symptoms of depression in adults

-Anger and anxiety

-Withdrawing from family and friends

-Feeling of guilt and worthlessness

-Changes in eating habits as well as sleeping patterns

-Irritability, Lack of enthusiasm and motivation

-Presented sadness

-Weight loss or weight gain

-Suicidal thoughts

Diagnosis of depression

There is no clinical test that can be connected to determine if the patient is suffering from depression. Diagnosis is based on; the type of symptoms being experienced by the patient, for how long the patient has had the symptoms and also how the symptoms have affected on the patient's life. Blood tests may also be connected but only to rule out other conditions with similar symptoms.

Treatment of depression in adults

There are different treatment options that are available for depression patients. Among them includes;

-Cognitive-behavioral therapy- This method tries to recognize what has caused depression and also helps to fight negative thoughts

-Use of antidepressants- These are drugs that brings re-establishes chemical balance in the brains. In some cases, antidepressants may be administered together with other medication such as antianxiety, anticonvulsant, mood-stabilizing or antipsychotic medications.

-Engaging in creative work of art, music or drama could help to alleviate symptoms of depression

-Group therapy- it helps to fight feelings of isolation which may lead one to have feelings of loneliness.

-Other treatment options includes; St John's wort, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), exercising and light therapy.

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Effective Ayurvedic Treatment for Depression and Nerve Problems

With the anxieties and strains of present-day life, a great many people are enduring some type of pressure at the psychological level including nerve problems. This may be communicated by such feelings as dejection, nervousness, touchiness, fraud or a general sentiment of disappointment. Ayurveda has given careful consideration to such issues and has defined ayurvedic treatment for depression. Dejection is alluded to as Mano Avasad in Ayurveda. Medicine for nervous weakness is available in Ayurveda which effectively helps one to recover.

Depression Treatment in Ayurveda in Hindi:

Ayurveda additionally says Depression as “Vishada”. In spite of the fact that this illness is kept under mental sicknesses, it can likewise influence the body; consequently, it can prompt any physical or mental issue. Despondency is a disease that penetrates your entire body. It influences the way you feel about things and circumstances.

Sorrow strikes millions every year, frequently with crippling results. This mental issue is common to the point that about 10% of the populace is experiencing a depressive issue. For a few, the winter season can expedite a low state of mind; for others, misery is caused by significant life changes, for example, a separation, major money-related issues, a perpetual disease, demise of a friend or family member and other life pressures.

In depression treatment in Ayurveda in Hindi, unevenness in clairvoyant energies (Sattva, Rajas, Tamas) bolstered by lopsidedness of physical energies (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) are accepted to cause different mental issues including depression. This applies to lackency too. The absence of mental guidance, liberality in negative contemplations and exercises and negative feelings, for example, disdain, outrage, and so on are known to cause irregularity in clairvoyant energies which thus prompts ailments like dejection.

Hereditary, natural, subjective and identity factors are typically rebuked for causing a state of mind issue, for example, sadness. Stress ordinarily encourages this issue. Late investigations in current science have uncovered that sadness comes about because of an awkwardness of neurotransmitters in the cerebrum.

Side Effects of Depression:

  1. Visit miserable, on edge or “discharge” temperament
  2. Loss of intrigue and delight in exercises
  3. Peevishness and family strife
  4. Loss of hunger or weight pick up
  5. Low confidence
  6. Feeling of blame and helplessness
  7. Social withdrawal and disturbance
  8. Trouble in focus and making choices
  9. Sleeping problems or irregularity specifically if less (insomnia) or excessively (hypersomnia)

Individuals, all things considered, social class and races can fall prey to wretchedness. In any case, Ayurvedic treatment for depression exists to help bring individuals' lives back under control.

Give yourself a day by day Abhyanga (ayurvedic oil rubs). This back rub has numerous advantages: it builds flow, enables poisons to be cleared from the tissues, fortifies the body, quiets the psyche and relieves the feelings, on the off chance that you are rubbing yourself; you are giving your skin the material incitation expected to adjust Vata Dosha and quiet uneasiness and stress.

Take after your back rub with Swedanam (sedated steam shower) to flush out the poisons that have been pushed out from the cells with the back rub.

Shirodhara is the most famous Ayurvedic treatment for depression. Shirodhara is a traditional and an entrenched ayurvedic method of gradually and consistently trickling cured oil or different fluids on the brow. This technique incites a casual condition of mindfulness and results in a dynamic psycho-substantive balance.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Nervous Weakness:

Apprehensive disappearing or neuropathy is a the term term used to on the whole character different anxious issues that reason the nerves in a few sections of your body to end up powerless or unchanging. Medicine for nervous weakness is available in Ayurveda.

The most widely recognized reasons for nerves problems are:

  1. Aroused nerves
  2. Compacted nerves
  3. Worsened nerves
  4. Advancing of threatening baths on nerve cells
  5. Stress

Furthermore, anxiety is the main source of a large portion of the passionate and physical issue and interminable ailments like dejection, uneasiness, hypertension, heart-injuries, strokes, low invulnerability and the resultant viral contaminations and so on.

Ayurvedic medicine for nervous weakness exists and they are very helpful. Ayurvedic medicine for nerves strength includes brain tonic in Ayurveda and much more. Supragya apart from another brain tonic in Ayurveda is best to mix and type of all these significant herbs for Ayurvedic medicine for nerves strength which sustains our cerebrum and consequentially helps in disposing of the negative stress.

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