In this era We live, the very style and personality that society has developed are the reasons why the rate of mental issues such as anxiety and depression is high and not rarely knocks down those who experience them. There's many variations that contribute to someone developing depression, an issue considered to be the illness of the new world. One of the variations is the concept that working on what can be seen and heard is enough to make a change.

Negativity and anxiety hold hands together, where one is, be sure that the other is there too even if it's not so obvious at first. Anxiety is a very complex issue that not only involves the mind with all the emotions but also the body and it's hormones but the primary reason for it to exist is found in the mind and then is transferred and expressed in the body.

Anxiety makes you unable to live without excessive worry aboutcoming days and events and that's where negativity fits into, suddenless your mouth may only say positive things and prophesy success, if there is anxiety, it means there is a contradiction between what you say and what you feel, the words that come out of the mouth have power but more power has what is contained in the silence of the inside.

As the primary cause for anxiety is in the mind, the words that the body may speak can never be louder than the ones within. “Cut evil from its roots”, this is an old saying but looks like We have forgotten about it or forgotten how to do it.

Instead of working on the source of problems, we began working on the symptoms, just like medications do, they may help the body but only treat the symptoms, not the illnesses, it's our own body that does that job and so it is the same with mental / emotional issues, We work on what we say and what our actions look like, which are the symptoms, but the source is contained inside and it can be silent, just like an illness and it's our job to fight against it, just like our bodies fight against microorganisms everyday, to keep us healthy.

Depression is a much more complex issue and comes from a baggage of issues which often includes anxiety plus negativity. Some people get lost within themselves, trying to understand why life has brought so much to them, so much that hurt, so much that took good things away. This stage of trying to understand brings gloom and grief to the heart and they can make the stage last for as long as they live within and during this process, the person gets weaker and becomes a pessimist, to the point that even when they hear good and encouraging messages, they might find reasons within, not to believe that they are capable of something or that their life will get better or that they can be happy.

It is impossible to determine the exact reasons for depression, as each person is unique and goes through unique situations but gloom and grief because of disappointment, loneliness or even a family member's death, seem to be associated with the beginning of the development of depression.

The elements that compose depression can be very silent in the beginning, easily avoided and ignored, but while the body may not show any signs of depression, deep inside, each person knows something is not right. the biggest mistake is to ignore and avoid the very well feelings that you wish you would never have.

To live in denial is to give power to those silent depression fruits, which with time will grow to take control of your energy, strength, well-being and positivity.

In order to make an effective change, you need to work on the source of problems, think about depression as being a tree that gives poisonous fruits, and as each fruit starts to appear and grow, you go and take them out from the tree. Soon new fruits will start growing because you may have taken away what the tree produces, for awhile, but did not take away its power to produce its fruits so they will keep coming, that's how depression works, especially when the surrounding provides unsuitable and uncomfortable situations.

So an efficient change is the one made inside because only that way, good fruits can start being produced and the poisonous fruits from depression can finally fade away.