The love that a grandma has for her grandchildren is unique, something that is unconditional, loyal, faithful and cherished by her grandson through his life; through eternity. THE LOVE OF A GRANDMOTHER FOR HER GRANDSON Surpasses Time and Space and Felt Until Eternity. A grandparent should not out-live his grandchild, the pain is shocking, devastating and destabilizing. Always remember that seeking help from family, clergy, counselors and friends is a viable option, please allow yourself an unconventional amount of time to grief in your own way of grieving. The love that a grandma has for her grandchildren is unique, through his life; through eternity. There is a very distinct, yet evolved emotional love that is created between a grandparent and a grandchild that is not quite understood. The love is gentle, attentive and pure, although distinctly different then the love that a parent engages for his own child. Many times, grandparents are the sole caretakers as society regards more on a two-income household, it is the grandparents that redeem their parenting skills, once more, though with a lot more patience and knowledge then what they bestowed upon their own children.

A grandparent is not expected to live longer then a grandchild. Suicide and mental illness knows no mercy and no family is immune.

Please know, that the love that you bestowed upon your grandson, during his lifetime on earth, was not in vain. It could have well been the love that you gave him; that very well- kept him on the planet, for as long as he decided to stay.

The hurt and pain of losing another, either by accident or illness is shocking and debilitating- oftentimes not understood by the loved ones they've left behind. Depression is a very real illness and a like a thief that comes in the middle of the night to steal, rob and cheat you out of your joy for life. If you see signs, please contact a health care professional or seek an agency for assistance. There are hotline centers and numbers available 24 hours a day and are willing and trained to help advise, guide or instruct you on where to seek immediate or temporary assistance. Suicide prevention is an evil thief that needs to be deal with, monitored and treated. Show love to the emotionally ill and also to yourself while you end the situation and learn what signs to look for in mentoring our youth of friends, relatives or extended neighbors or family members, or as caretakers, learn what is normal and what needs medical intervention .

Show love to suffering people and know that you are not at fault for anyone's emotional balance. Take comfort, in the knowledge, that you were one of the bright lights that illuminated the reflection of his inner and outer core of emotion; brightly illuminating his soul; resonating openly, and publicly for the world to see, know; being the beacon of warmth- conveying feelings, of acceptance and peacefulness touching deeply into his soul.

Take comfort in the knowledge of reciprocal love; he loved you as much as you loved him. When he spotted, his grandma, in a room; he felt loved and comfortably-safe- his ever-present pain, and numb soul- in peace, if only in small increments throughout the day.

Let him go free; leave no strings attached; Let him go to be with God and the angels; knowing that you made his life journey pleasant; a life of loving kindness in your presence he experienced acceptance, benevolence and peacefulness …

Keep the memory of him alive in your heart. He remains alive in your heart, anxiety, gone; disappearing forever, and in a state of calmness; knowing that he temporarily left behind his Grandma; to him you are his personal guardian angel- through life ever after. Although NOW GONE left behind on this plane of life; away, though just in a brief pause, until he meets you again in Heaven. *

* Heartfelt prayers and feeling's of sympathy as we mourn with you in this time of your grief and pain; we mourn as your family and friends. Mourning the lost soul that is now flying free with the angels in God's Kingdom; where hurting souls are nurtured and relieved, no longer agitated- now soaring in Heaven, without pain; they can no longer feel uneasiness or heartache …

With love and sympathy, in your time of sorrow, brokenness and confusion.

* Be a beacon of light in the lives of others, everyone is going through challenges, Some people do not survive their inner chatter and conflict as quickly or maybe not even at all and decide to take their own lives to make the pain stop.

To all of those victims left behind by the victim of family or friends I send you angels of comfort and peace to soothe your soul and offer you comfort and relief in your time of sadness and disbelief, allow yourself to grieve and get counseling, or seek spiritual comfort through family, clergy or friends.

* IN Heartfelt understanding and compassion, I write heartfelt intentions to soothe your soul and let you know that God loves you and knows what a good person you are and intends to help see you through your pain, living one day at-a-time until the pain minimizes a little bit more as the months and possibly years go by. Grieving is not easy and there's no rush to get to the finish line, be kind to yourself and allow yourself as much time as you need. * IN EMPATHY and understanding, please accept condolences from loved ones, friends and family.