Depression does not happen by choice; it is a malady that can come unannounced. It is like walking in a dark corridor without any clue about light on the other end. Depression makes one feel helpless, sad, tired and miserable without any reason. But it is not a sign of weakness of the human mind; it is, in fact, a severe mental disorder caused due to a change in the neurotransmitters of the brain. It affects moods, thoughts, sleep and even energy levels.

However, depression is a battle that can be won by adopting the right strategies. One can successfully overcome the agonies of this debilitating mental condition and lead a better life. Few steps that one can follow to fight depression and stay happy are:

1. Getting treated: Depression is an illness, like any other physical illness, which requires professional help. Medical experts are capable of diagnosing the intensity of the disorder and suggesting the best treatment. They will not judge the patient, but will patiently hear his / her woes without jumping to conclusions. Psychotherapies, coupled with medications, can help a person get back on track and lead a happy life. So, if one sees any symptoms of depression, he / she should seek treatment immediately.

2. Committing to recovery process: The process of achieving something is never too easy. One should commit to getting better, no matter how tough the process is. Recovery is not a one-day affair; it takes time and patience to recover from depression.

3. Believing in oneself: Depression can make a person lose confidence, but that will only aggravate the condition. Believing in oneself, especially in one's abilities, to overcome hardships is the best way to keep going.

4. Involving in interesting activities: Instead of laming over the situation, involving oneself in interesting activities can help manage depression effectively. Exercise, for example, produces endorphins that work as an antidepressant. So, regular exercise can help the body fight negative tendencies and feel refreshed. Meditation and yoga can help ward off negative thoughts and bring in positive energies.

After depression, joy can be a part of life

It is essential to seek treatment to overcome depression and lead a healthy life. Developing stronger ties with people with whom one banners connected can help beat the chronic blues. A recent study by the University of Toronto found that more than 40 percent of the surveyed people who previously had depression reported feelings of happiness or satisfaction almost daily, which is a healthy sign.

Lead author, Esme Fuller-Thomson said that the duration of depression did not have any impact on the recovery. “Our findings provide a hopeful message for both clients and clinicians: It is within the grasp of many individuals who have previously succumbed to depression to fully flourish and achieve complete mental health,” she added.

Today, the focus on mental health has moved beyond “just survival” to “recovery.” Patrick Corrigan, a professor of psychology at the Illinois Institute of Technology, said that initially it was about stealing hope away from people, but the recovery movement has reintroduced hope to the diagnoses.

Way to a depression-free future

Recovery from depression is attainable only if a person embraces the process of reclaiming a normal life. Today, medical science offers ample therapies and treatments that cater to a person's overall condition other than certain fragments of the disease.