You wake up; it's a new dawn, a new day, and yet somehow it does not feel much different than the day before. It's like today has yesterday written all over it.

Not only is it the same routine as the day before with perhaps a few variances here and there, but the feelings of yesterday may have also transported forward into this pristine day.

I t's tough sometimes not to get caught up in mindsets of “woe is me”, or worried, or feeling stressed, or stuck in the mundaneness or busyness of the prior day (s) and transfer those feelings into the next.

Echoes of yesterday (s) may not sound too exciting or inviting when you look to tomorrow.

So … how do you leave yesterday behind and start fresh today?

How do you break the negative thinking and feelings?

How do you look forward to each new day as if anything is possible?

You can start before you go to bed by setting your intention of what, or how, you would like things to be tomorrow and then putting them into action.

Either at night or in the morning take out a blank piece of paper and let your imagination soar and show you how your day could be.

Write about it, or jot down some inspirational word or draw or put pictures on your paper of what you can focus on. Look at it through the day and remind yourself of how you would like things to be and make steps towards making it so.

When you rise, you can ask God, (whatever you believe this to be) to lead the way today and to show you how you can be of the greatest service and to see the possibilities, not the problems at hand.

Become aware of when you are slipping into the pessimism and remember there is another option, enthusiasm. The more enthusiastic and resourceful you are, the likelihood for better outcomes increases.

Try different things during the day – a new way to work, listening to music or going for a walk to clear the cob-webs in your thinking, changing the way you do and view things, etc.

Be more conscious of “how” you are doing things through the day. Notice what your thoughts are and how you are handling what you want to accomplish.

Tackle one thing at a time the best you can rather than a whole lot of things done in a mediocre way.

Slow down and do not rush through your day; enjoy it as much as possible. Take a break now and then and re-group, re-organize, and re-new.

Be grateful for the day – the people in it, your job, your home, your car, your clothes, the food you eat, the money you have, the beauty surrounding you, and the fact that you have this day.

Be hopeful. If you do not like today as it is, see if there are ways you can change it. Take a look at your thoughts as they are usually a good indicator of why your day is continuing the way it is.

You have to catch those discouraging and downbeat thoughts as soon as you can and re-write them, literally or in your minds-eye.

It's good to allow your feelings to surface but then it's up to you how you are going to turn things around and become positive and pro-active again.

What are your options? How can you improve things?

The greatest gift you can receive from a new day is that you have one, even as bleak as it may seem some days.

Let yesterday be yesterday and tomorrow be tomorrow. Embrace today in every way you can.

Look to what's bothering about today and make use of it by inspiring you to be and do things in a better way.

Remember, today is a new day and anything is possible! It's up to you.

The Insight Technique assists you in not transferring yesterdays to today.