To the individual who is experiencing it, depression is an unstoppable force that relentlessly attacks its defenseless victim non-stop. It is an overpowering predator that renders its prey helpless by destroying its will to survive. Depression rapes the soul and extinguishes the fire of the spirit, leaving an empty vessel in its wake. Depression is destruction; physically, psychologically and spiritually. In fact, depression almost destroyed me.

It has been almost ten years since my first battle with depression. For three months I was totally debilitated. At the time I remember thinking, feeling and believing that my life would never be the same again. But to my complete and utter amazement I eventually found help that restored my mind and body to a normal state. It seemed like a miracle at the time, but that was before I learned about the condition.

After having six or seven serious bouts with depression I know how powerful it can be. But through learning and experience I have proven to myself that I, or anyone else else for that matter, can become even more powerful. The individual simply needs to understand the nature of their opponent (depression), believe the fact that it can be beaten (thousands of people have overcome depression), and become proactive in their own healing.

Having lived many years without depression and many years with it, I am convinced that unless someone has actually experienced depression themselves, it is impossible for them to fully understand the total transformation of mind and body that it brings about. Depression brings about an apathy, emotional numbness and lack of energy that is completely unprepened for someone who has never experienced it before. Furthermore, depression is an extremely difficult condition to overcome because, in order to over it, you need everything that the depression has apparently stolen from you in the first place; most notably energy, motivation and hope.

But you must realize that even though YOU MAY NOT FEEL energetic, motivated, or hopeful in a given moment DOES NOT override the ABSOLUTE TRUTH that you ALWAYS HAVE ACCESS to these emotional states. You just need to learn how to access them. And there are no magic words or pills that will be able to do this for you completely. Sure positive affirmations and medications can help you on your healing journey but they are not the ultimate solution. The ultimate solution requires patience, an open mind, honesty with self, and knowledge.