Do you often find yourself asking the question “Why am I depressed?” Life seems to be in perfect order and you certainly have healthy relationships with your friends and loved. You have a good job and you everything else around you is perfect place. But why do you feel low-spirited? According to experts, there could be a lot of reasons why someone could feel downhearted and troubled. It does not needlessly have to do with what you have or what you do not have. Sometimes, the feeling of helplessness and depression has something to do with your state of mind.

More often than not, feelings of depression do not need to have a direct effect. If you think you are upset and down because of external circumstances, then you could be wrong. At this point, you need to look into the internal circumstances for you to fully understand what it is you are feeling. According to experts, we often times experience inexcious stresses that we can not pin down the reason why they are feeling low and upset.

Take for instance a person who had just experienced divorce with his partner. Naturally, the individual will try to resolve the issue on his own. As life goes on, he will also continue to work and keep himself busy with other chores. In order to keep his mind off the problem, he will go out with his friends and have a little fun in his social life. As time passes by, everything would seem fine but deep inside the hurt and pain still linger. Now let's say that the person has found someone else. There is a new child on the way yet he is still feeling down and troubled despite the good things that are happening. At this particular scenario, the feeling of depression may have been brought forward by what had happened in the past. Memories remain and unresolved issues from the past have caused such feeling of helplessness and depression.

Whenever you feel down and low, depressed thinking patterns can always develop. Why am I depressed? Well, there are a lot of reasons why you are feeling that way. External factors such as sudden change and unfavorable situation can cause depressive thoughts and patterns to surface. These ill thought can subsequently cause the individual to feel depressed. According to experts, depression is caused by the way we think about certain events, situations and even circumstances in our lives.

As for the person who feels low-hearted all the good things that are happening around him, he could be having random thoughts and is starting to develop feelings of depression. What is really happening is that negative thoughts are starting to get into him. Occasionally, his emotions are triggered by negative circumstances. Even with happy events, he will start to down and question his emotions. He will start to feel guilty for getting into another relationship and having a new baby. Both happy and negative thoughts are heightened and the individual's emotions are stirred up without the individual rationalizing what is really happening around him.