If you've ever had severe depression then you know for sure that your brain simply is not the same as it was before the illness hit.

What's the difference?

Concentration, memory, logic and reason are all affected in that there is a definite interruption. Reading this article right to the end will be pretty difficult for someone in severe depression, due to lack of concentration.

Everything takes a lot more effort and that causes weariness. This results in one of two reactions. Either you sleep a lot but without ever feeling properly rested, or you find it difficult sleeping at all.

It's easy to get frustrated with yourself and this just adds to the generalating up of yourself that goes on inside your head.

That's why in severe depression now is the time to be extremely kind to yourself. Be self-forgiving in all aspects of life. Afterall, none of this is your fault. It's nobody's fault. Depression is an illness that no-one has ever deserved.

Even facts and interpretation of actual events are affected. Very often words entering your ear are somehow given a twist so that what you hear is not what was said.

Instead of getting angry with yourself actively be kind. Offer yourself little pleasures even when you do not feel you deserve them. Pamper yourself even when you do not feel like it. Use special creams and lotions that you typically save for special occasions. Treat yourself to a new scarf, a new handcream, a new haircut.

If someone offers to take you out for coffee or lunch accept since the feeling that you do not deserve nor feel like receiving such attention.

It's a matter of making yourself do things despite not wanting to until one day you notice that you are getting a little enjoyment out of them.

Take up a new hobby, or an old hobby that you dropped at some point, such as baking. Bake cookies, bake cakes, make jam. All these things will keep you occupied and give you the opportunity of offering little gifts of thanks to anyone who is being kind towards you.

One of the problems of being helped is the automatic need to give something back in return. We are not easy to help, and so having a creative hobby will provide that possibility of returning kindness for kindness.

This creates a better balance. Kindness both towards yourself and others gives you a little more power over your life.