You may feel like your chest is being constrained because of all the thoughts you have. There are reasons for medication to be available, especially for depression. Here are the reasons why you should take medication even though you do not think it will work.

Depression is a serious and increasing condition. Although there are many situations that have been caused because of it, people will not take it seriously. Why? Because of the rates that it has increased. It goes around in a loop to a point that no one knows where to turn anymore. This reason is why people start to isolate themselves from everyone else. Anti-depressants are there so you can avoid certain scenarios and thoughts such as this one.

First of all, what are anti-depressants? The main purpose of these little pills is so that they can balance the chemicals in your brain to keep your mood at a neutral point. They do not needarily make you happy, known from experience, but rather keep you at an “in-between” state.

Many depression sufferers have the unfortunate condition of insomnia. The medication helps the sufferer to sleep better which is also a way of improving moods. So instead of feeling tired and sad, which causes you to feel even worse, you now only feel sad. It does not sound like much but believe that it does do a great favor.

According to learned psychology, the constrictiveness felt in your chest is because of the feelings you have towards your thoughts. Many have the hate towards their bodies, their position in life such as their jobs or the younger, less known sibling, and even just because they have never been happy (it is possible). This is another important reason to take the anti-depressant. Chances are that people have such hate towards themselves is because once-upon-a-time some person decided that you have to have the label of “stupid” or “fat”. If you can move, get up and walk you are not fat. Unfortunately, it is not simple getting people to believe that because of the comment they heard before this one. First impressions are important and a negative comment sticks longer than the first positive comment.

Many times you tell yourself that there is no point in taking what the doctor prescribed. That, in fact, is another reason why taking it is so important. The indecisiveness is a symptom of depression and can cause even more problems for you. That feeling of not being able to make a decision is another cause for the constrictive feeling in your chest.

Depression is a continuous loop in your brain. Make sure that when you take the medication that you have a change in your mood. It may not happen in the first few days but something is bound to happen. Never think that nothing will help. Someone is always there to listen to you.