Ending an unplanned pregnancy is always a tough decision, though most people understand the physical pains that are associated with the abortion, most people are either unaware or pay little heed to the psychological aspect of such hardship. Abortions are growing in number each year, and are extremely prevalent among girls between the ages of 15 and 30, and tend to have a life changing impact on the individual who goes through the process of an abortion.

Abortion can be an emotionally draining experience, regardless of how mentally prepared you may be. Even though an abortion itself may have been a success, the impact of the surgery lingers on and can turn into a reasonable source of depression, mood swings, and can even induce other impulsive behavior in the person.

Furthermore, hormonal effects can be sizeable and long lasting. Women who have undergone the process of an abortion, statistically, are much more prone to having emotional problems, post surgery. Especially suspect are those women who have gone through sexual abuse, which leads to their pregnancy in the first place. They can be much more likely to end up in the hospital due to psychiatric issues.

The common problems that are reported repeatedly by women who have gone through abortion are: anxiety, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, and cases of use and abuse of drugs. Furthermore, eating disorders are rampant, and in extreme cases, complete avoidance to infants and fear of sexual interference and pregnancy. A sizeable proportion of victims have also reported suicidal tendencies and lack of interest in life.

Post abortion syndrome is a serious issue and quite a prevalent one at that. However, there is hope! It can be treated through counseling. Free women's counseling can be a great tool in alleviating and rehabilitating an individual who has gone through the ordinal of an abortion. Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS) does not become apparent immediately, and most women can go a long period of time, lasting several months, before they start feeling the psychological effects of the surgery. It is important not to lose hope in that time, and do not hesitate to seek help in every way possible.

Help is always readily available through several networks of counseling. Also, a lot of not for profit organizations provide high quality, free women's counseling and other free women's health services. You may be nervous at first, but counseling can enable you to lead a normal and fulfilling life, constantly going through an emotionally traumatic experience of an abortion.